Dapol 08

Discussion in 'Talk' started by Ressaldar, 21 March 2016.

  1. Ressaldar

    Ressaldar Western Thunderer

    just seen these on RMweb

    Dapol 08 P1 19.03.16.jpg

    Dapol 08 P2 19.03.16.jpg

    posted by Andy Y

    bodes well for the other liveries. Lets hope that the wait is nearly over......................................................


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  2. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Looks great! Just hope they can easily be S7'd

  3. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    I think Jordan might say "pay attention"... see here .

    Key to the conversion is going to be retaining the quartering of the cranks - the sample that we looked at in November last year was said, by Dapol staff, to have the cranks on knurled sections of the axle.
  4. Dan Randall

    Dan Randall Western Thunderer

    Nice one Dapol. :thumbs:


  5. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    Sorry, missed that.. Thanks Graham..

  6. cbrailways

    cbrailways Western Thunderer

    My order is Black/DCC/Sound. How much longer do I have to wait though............:(
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  7. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    We've waited a helluva long time for this!! It looks awesome - a bargain at the Intro price!!
    Would like to see a wasp-stripes livery. ;)
  8. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    I'd have an NS 500/600 either in green or yellow/grey.
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  9. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    I would think the other key is the space between the frames!
  10. Dog Star

    Dog Star Western Thunderer

    The referenced post gives information to help make a decision... we have an example on order and that is going to be converted to S7 track gauge. Whether we retain / re-profile the Dapol wheels or replace the wheel and axle sets by Slater's products is yet to be decided.
  11. Purple-haze

    Purple-haze Western Thunderer

    Just comparing 3 years of fighting the (unfinished) MMP with the above,and thinks why did I bovver:headbang:


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  12. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy Western Thunderer

    For me it's the satisfaction of opening a kit of flat brass sheet and having the satisfaction of knowing that 'I built that!'
    The Dapol 08 looks nice, but I think even with my limited experience, I could have made a reasonable attempt at an MMP 08 or two in the time this has taken to materialise!
    Not slating RTR, but to me it no longer holds any excitement.

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  13. john lewsey

    john lewsey Western Thunderer

    Really nice
  14. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    Hypothetically, and please excuse my ponderings as I don't do S7, but would it be possible to keep the cranks and wheels on the axles, somehow move the wheels outboard (perhaps a puller against the axle end?) to obtain an acceptable btb, and then turn the wheels on the axle to obtain an attractive flange and tread profile?

    It would need extreme bravery, centre drilled axle ends, and very, very fine cuts...

    I think it looks fantastic, but then I don't do diesels either (except the Ixion one...)

  15. adrian

    adrian Flying Squad

    Or my first S7 conversion on my Sentinel it was a case of taking the chassis out, applying full power to the motor and trim/dress/hack/butcher (delete as required) the flanges with a needle file as the wheels went round. Frequent use of a vernier caliper to make sure B2B and flange sizes met the S7 published dimensions. [didn't have access to a lathe at that point!]
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  16. Scale7JB

    Scale7JB Western Thunderer

    S7 Guerilla style, like it!

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  17. simond

    simond Western Thunderer

    I guess using a file does mean taking very, very fine cuts....
  18. 40126

    40126 Western Thunderer

    Hot off the press

    I asked at the Dapol stand at Telford on Saturday, Have they got a date for the 08 release ?. I was told definitely the End of October !!!!.

    Steve :cool:
  19. Jordan

    Jordan Mid-Western Thunderer

    What Year...??!!?? :D
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  20. Toffee

    Toffee Active Member

    I asked on the Tower stand and was told " they're not on the boat yet " how long is it from China to the UK by ship, a month ? The money's on late October :)