DON'T FORGET - O-Gauge Traders' Online Show - 12 Dec

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    The O-Gauge Traders' Event next Saturday 12th December 2020, organised by the Gauge O Guild, is free for you to access from your computer. Go to the Guild's Home Page next Saturday and look for the Way In, no password needed!

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  2. JasonD

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    Here's the current Trader list:

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    One Hundred and Sixteen traders details all now loaded onto the Wiki page, and the countdown clock is ticking ready for the morning.

    The Gauge O Guild

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    The Gauge O Guild Virtual O Gauge Trade Show
    Saturday 12th December 2020
    09:30 - 16:30

    The countdown clock is already ticking

    After the October virtual show, we were asked if we could provide a platform to enable all traders who would normally go to the Reading Trade Show (and more) to advertise their products and any special offers and likewise this platform would provide visitors the chance to visit one place, in order to 'shop'.

    The new platform, which we are testing, has a much better search function. Instead of scrolling through loads of adverts, this platform allows traders to provide more information than the previous show

    If you look at the image of the front page below you will see that visitors can search by A - Z; Special Offers and a range of product categories.
    So if you want a new loco kit for Christmas you can search that category
    If you want to see what special offers are available for the show - you will see a list under that category.

    Traders are not 'attending or live' on Saturday. This trade show purely offers a one -day, one off, advertising and shopping opportunity before Christmas to help both traders and visitors in the absence of the Reading show.

    The final trader list is now attached
    Happy shopping

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  5. Dave Bowden

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    Nice to see you again Jackie.
    Dave Bowden

    I forgot to say a merry Christmas to you and John as we won’t be meeting up at The kloggies Christmas GTG this year.
  6. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    The show is open until 16:30 so make sure you visit today
    Enter via the Front Page of the Gauge O Guild website
    Click on Enter here and you will find the navigation page.
    No need to log in

    Just search via A - Z; Special Offers and categories

    Please leave us feedback and if you have any problems contact
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  7. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    The Gauge O Guild Trade Show is now closed
    Visit our O gauge shows next year
    Happy Christmas everyone

    Events screen 02-1.jpg
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  8. oldravendale

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    Thanks for so much work on this, Jackie.

    Is it planned (at the moment) that the Doncaster show will go ahead? It'll be a bold move to confirm it, although I suspect that most of our demographic will have had the jab by then.

  9. Jackie Kneeshaw

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    Hi Brian
    The government hope to announce what might happen with large scale indoor events in March 2021 and until then we cannot decide either way.
    The 2020 layouts and demonstrators have been rolled over to next year but everything depends on whether there will still be restrictions in place.
    We will do a risk assessment and ask traders / members if they will come and then we can assess if the show is viable or not.
    Safety has to be the highest priority for all.
    Meantime, I will keep polishing my crystal ball in the hope it becomes clearer :)
    Thank you
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