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Discussion in 'Resources' started by AJC, 2 June 2018.

  1. AJC

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    Post Railex, here's the June update: EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects

    While the Hornsey Broadway content is lovely, but for me at least, it's news that Hywel Thomas's Morfa Bank Sidings is coming back together and Karl Crowther's 40 (not my thing at all but it's a superb bit of reworking).

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  2. Stewart

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    I made the journey from deepest Dorset
    to Railex, mainly to see Hornsey Broadway in the flesh, and was not disappointed, superb model.

    Are the locos sound fitted? It was difficult to hear above the background noise.
  3. Kier Hardy

    Kier Hardy Active Member

    The layout uses good old fashioned analogue control, so no DCC or sound fitted locos, which gives us good reliability and compatibility.

    The depot area has a modelsounds self container speaker running off a micro sd card, utilising a mix of diesel tick-over sounds on a 6 minute loop. One comment received at Railex was to memorise the sounds and try to move the correct loco at the right time, but generally it does give a nice ambient background sound to a busy depot.
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  4. AJC

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    And, as night follows day, here's the update for July (including Hywel Thomas's sofa):

    EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects

    I really, DO NOT need a Heljan class 07, but...

  5. Lyndhurstman

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    As ever, lovely stuff.


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  6. oldravendale

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    I note the comment regarding the livery on the Class 07. Here's a photo I took of D2998 in Eastleigh Works Yard on 23rd May 1965. Despite the slight overall colour cast towards the blue my view is that it is a darker hue than the coaching stock behind, but it could swing either way!

    D2998.  Eastleigh Works Yard.  23 May 1965.  Personal Collection.  Final.  Photo Brian Dale.jpg

  7. AJC

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    And now August: EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects

    Owing to the heat, lots of lineside pictures - it's more than worth scrolling to the bottom for the latest from Morfa Bank Sidings which is just *wonderful*.

  8. Dan Randall

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    A bumper selection of pictures plus, as we've come to expect, inspiration by the bucketload! :thumbs:


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  9. Kier Hardy

    Kier Hardy Active Member

    I'm glad it's appreciated. :)

    Things like Accurascale getting in touch to offer free handles and other bits to finish off Greg's scratchbuilt hoppers, makes it all the worthwhile. There's not much to do on them, but will mix better with the RTR versions when they're completed.

    shenston_hop24-02.jpg shenston_hopper24-02.jpg
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  10. AJC

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    September's here (really? And I've beaten @Dan Randall again, I see): EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects

    While you're all at Telford, the latest from Kier et al has appeared. Lots of interest - a regauged Hatton's Barclay (which is clever but will retain the Smokey Joe tendencies; the mechanism is good, but massively undergeared; mine tops a scale 70 mph...); more of Hywel Thomas's Morfa Bank Sidings and much else. A welcome break from paint-stripping this fine afternoon.

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  11. Dan Randall

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    I was at Telford too..... :))


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  12. AJC

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