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  1. AJC

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    It's that time again [September]: EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects

    The highlight - for me, anyway - is Hywel Thomas's inspired and convincing ROCO-bash of a VTG chemical tank. Marvellous.

    And now it's October: EM Gauge Layouts, Models & Projects - more interesting chemical tank bashing and lots of interesting updates. Just the thing for the lengthening evenings.

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  2. adrian

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    That is a brilliant bit of "kit" bashing - although I do like the scale and vision of Kentside. Given Karl's previous work this is going to be a stunning layout.
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  3. AJC

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    I quite agree - it's a great concept and, knowing Karl, the execution will be top notch. I'll just be a bit more excited when it's more than bare boards!

  4. AJC

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    Thread updated to include the October update.

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