Scattergun EM whimsy - Sodor-style

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    [Assumes the voice of Ringo Starr] Thomas had been a very useful engine. He had six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome. After many years he was worn out and placed at the back of the shed. But the railway was busy and so the Fat Controller sent him to Crewe for a rebuild…

    And here our story resumes. Although brought up on Awdry’s work, I never much cared for the Hornby versions, being raised on Finescale, sensible speeds* and the small matter of things like brakegear. Now, with a resident small person and a full spares box and, more to the point the chassis from one of Bob Alderman’s early EM locos, a Jinty, knocking around, the time has come to make a model Thomas which, in my world at least, will be a ‘proper’ loco that just happens to have a face. I’m not sure Thomas knows what’s about to hit him so nervous readers should look away now.

    I kid myself that this is really for Gwilym, but mostly, Thomas is here to appease my desire for a bit of whimsy and so here are the raw ingredients:

    • An old Hornby body

    A few assorted bits from the spares box:
    • Wheels
    • Frames (Gibson, I think)
    • Spare Fowler chimney (Brassmasters)
    • Caley buffers from LMS
    • Safety valves (shown in the books, missed by Hornby)
    • Some etched steps (Mainly Trains, probably)
    • Brake shoes (again, Mainly Trains)

    As a concession to appearances, I’ve bought some nice new rods from LMS, too. The question is how far should I go and how seriously should I take this. Right now, I have no idea. It’ll be EM, of course.


    *NB – Yeovil MRG already has an EM Thomas, but that’s clockwork, extremely fast, and once scandalised Mike Sharman. This one will serve for my amusement.
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  2. Bullhead

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    Methinks you should go all the way with this one Adam! As another brought up with the Awdry characters, I will follow this with a great deal of interest.
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  3. 76043

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    Certainly, if you can have Ivor the engine in P4, then this must be a walk in the park?
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  4. AJC

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    Thanks Peter - I really am planning on leaving the face, but a repaint is in the offing so all bets are off otherwise. Lots of pipework, lamp irons, handrails. I ought to weather it too. Next, adventures with a razor saw...

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  5. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I must say that a plausible Ivor that (unlike the recent etched effort), fitted in the loading gauge appeals. I’m not heading down that road though!

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    You say that now. We all say these things and then do them. I do like the idea of a weathered Thomas.

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    Yep, this looks like fun..

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    But will that get him into trouble with the fat controller?:(
    Allen Morgan
    P.S. Well I just had to ask.;)
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  10. AJC

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    His driver might get a Form 1, this is true, but a few signs of work are perfectly desirable.

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  11. paulc

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    Does that mean Thomas is a dirty , dirty boy ?:rolleyes:
    Cheers Paul