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    Shouldn't the last word on the penultimate line be 'weigh'?
  2. mickoo

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    Brian, it's not a problem, the instructions are pdf format, make the corrections to the necessary page, ask the printers to print however many copies you want of just that page, remove old pages from instructions, add new, job done.

    There is no need to print the whole set out again, just the amended pages.

    I wasn't allowed near the instructions, coz I write like oi speek, an affliction caused by being brought up in Devon, living in Suffolk, listening to Londona's and having a Danish mother and a Cheshire father, it's a wonder anything I ever write makes any sense at all.

  3. TheSnapper

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    It just goes to show that all spell checkers aren't perfect....!

  4. Compton castle

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    Am I right in thinking that a 94 pannier kit is being added to the range??
  5. mickoo

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    That's the plan :thumbs:
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  6. daifly

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    A thought for the Finney7 proprietors - name badges. I know a couple of you but don't recognise the others and, in that, I'm sure that I'm not alone among WTers or the rest of your potential customers.
    I was very impressed by what I saw on the stand and news of a 94xx is most welcome.
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  7. Compton castle

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    Excellent news!!
  8. Yorkshire Dave

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    It was good to see/hear Finney7 had an excellent two days at Guildex.

    ...NNxx :oops:! do these kits also include a bowl of petunias and a sperm whale :D?
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  9. Osgood

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    I think either the second or third from the left is Mickoo. No, definitely the second. Don't think the one on the left is part of the team - there are only supposed to be seven.

  10. eastsidepilot

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    ..........that's Snow White......oops ! wrong film....:))

  11. Steph Dale

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    There's six of us, and as I was taking the photo, I wonder who the others are...

  12. mickoo

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    Perhaps those that visited should have name badges as well, I had no idea who I was talking to either :cool:
  13. daifly

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    Excellent idea! In a former life at work we were required to wear two badges. One on the jacket and one on your shirt so that you could still be identified with jacket removed!
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  14. mickoo

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    We have to wear them front and back, so they know who they are shouting at as you walk away :D
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  15. Dikitriki

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    We had a very pleasant weekend talking to lots of people, and there was a considerable amount of goodwill shown to us merely for taking over the range.

    Some people stopped to tell us what they had built.....and to suggest future developments....and I was sent this rather nice picture of a Dean Goods today. Built by David Stone:

    Dean Goods.jpg

    We are hoping that all the GWR kits will be available by the end of next year.

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  16. Rob Pulham

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    Chris and I had a really amusing visit to the Finney7 stand.

    While talking to Richard, I was admiring Simon's Coil Wagon which was on display. Chris asked me what it was, so I told her it was a "coil" wagon.

    After a further look and a few moments thought, she said, well you won't get much coal in that! - Being a lass from Yorkshire, where many people pronounce coal as "coil" she thought I meant a "coal" wagon and couldn't understand how you would use a "coil" for "coal"......:)):)):))
  17. David Varley

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    There's nowt funny about that, tha knows.
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  18. 7mmMick

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  19. Dikitriki

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    Our website has had a fairly sizeable update - we have added all the miscellaneous etches as requested (now waiting for Dog Star's order :) ). P&P on small items is £2.50.

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  20. Dog Star

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    Nice, thank you. How about photos of some of the items under 'Sundries' so as to help us spend our money with F7?

    Happy to oblige...

    one pack of HB7/7 SR Bulleid Light Pacific;
    two pack of E7/19 GWR engine pipe unions;
    two pack of E7/50 Small pipe fixing brackets.

    To collect at Reading Trade Show please...
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