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    Hi Andy
    It's not only on George's thread, it's all threads!! Really frustrating not seeing pictures!
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    No problems seeing photos on the last post...

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    Hi, I can only apologise - it is getting frustrating. A recent security upgrade by the hosting company for the forum has started randomly blocking some images. I appreciate your patience - sometimes refreshing the thread brings up the missing images - although often then removing previously displayed images :headbang::headbang:. I'm still in discussion with the technical department to try and resolve the problem.


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    Thanks Adrian, I had a feeling I wasn't alone!! Refreshing does work sometimes but not always. Fingers crossed it's resolved soon.

    Rob (Deano)
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    Started to scratch build a Drummond wide cab T9 a while back but put it away for another day, Micheal Edge informed me that the watercart chassis did in fact have bogies and not a straight one that l was trying to build, he also supplied me with the brass parts l needed, but they were put in the box with the loco, so as l was looking for something different to build here she is, not 100% accurate but near enough.... DSC07149.JPG DSC07150.JPG DSC07151.JPG DSC07152.JPG DSC07153.JPG DSC07154.JPG DSC07155.JPG
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    Making progress on the tender of the T9 decided it would be easier to build the tender sides in two pieces with a discrete join in the middle of the rear end, l will make some sort of lift out section on the tender top to fit all the DCC gear ?.. DSC07160.JPG DSC07161.JPG DSC07163.JPG DSC07164.JPG DSC07165.JPG DSC07166.JPG
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    I did the same as you on my Drummond tenders George. It is relatively easy to get two vertical bends on the sides correctly spaced. To do both sides AND make the rear panel the exact width on a long and floppy piece of metal is just a bit too challenging. The joint on the rear panel is easily adjusted and invisible on the finished model.

    Filling in the corners on the flairs can be a a wee bit tricky. I did mine by forming a conical filler piece over a turned former. I used 15 thou brass which when soldered to the 10 thou sides leaves a tiny bit of overlap both sides to blend in. I didn’t need to anneal the brass which came from scrap etch and formed just with hand pressure.


    75564F48-E375-40AC-9349-53558189BDD5.jpeg 0A644E8C-04F1-4E45-9F8C-61B3C48C960C.jpeg
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    Very helpful lan thank you...
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    Early visit to the paintshop this morning to give my scratch built Southern style wagon a nice coat of (Railmatch 314 Southern stock green) looks much better need to find some transfers now.. DSC07187.JPG DSC07188.JPG DSC07189.JPG
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    Scratchbuilt? It is a credit to you.
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    Any new up dates George?
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    Been very busy of late with one thing and another as we all have l guess, but pleased to say l have sold the 2251 Collet 0-6-0 tender engine l had built, as l really didn't like the 3,500 tender that came with the kit, also the southern bogie baggage van l was working on (from an old lan Kirk kit) has also been sold, been doing very little on the T9 project, but l have started the (MOK) N15 King Arthur, l love the Urie style of roof so l need to do some research to find a loco l want, plus it will have picked up a S15 tender on her travels with the three tanks on the rear of the tender, l have seen a few pictures of Arthurs with the bigger bogie tenders on, just have to find one.... DSC07215.JPG DSC07216.JPG DSC07217.JPG DSC07218.JPG DSC07219.JPG
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    A little bit more work on 'Excalibur' today starting to look the part... DSC07220.JPG DSC07221.JPG
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    Adding masking tape to the body makes marking out a lot easier, starting to look like a King Arthur.. DSC07235.JPG DSC07236.JPG
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    30736 'Excalibur' being fitted with her cab, still plenty of work to do yet ... DSC07237.JPG DSC07238.JPG
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    'Excalibur' body and tender almost ready for the paint shop for some primer... DSC07240.JPG DSC07241.JPG DSC07242.JPG DSC07243.JPG
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    A trip to the paint shop, now l have an N15 in red primer. which is new for me as l usually use Helfords grey primer, so l want see if it gives the BR green a deeper colour ? DSC07246.JPG DSC07249.JPG DSC07250.JPG DSC07251.JPG