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    I'll start with a story.
    Twice in the same year when I was about nine we caught a morning train at Didcot to go to London. On both occasions the entire rake was chocolate and cream hauled by a green hymek. I'm fairly sure the train would have originated from Worcester/Hereford. As the train approached Didcot from the north the whole length picked up the morning sun. It was a glorious sight which is why I can remember it so clearly.

    As the train pulled in I can remember my father moaning at how jaded the carriage paint work was on several coaches. (there is a clue). As the years go by dates become confused but I wonder if it was 1965 0r 1966.

    A thread on RM web has stated the last known Choc Cream Mk1 was a Brake second in 1968 and a link takes you to a picture in Sheffield. The paintwork is remarkably good.

    My question is this. Could the full rake of Choc Creams I travelled in been as late as 1966?

    My hunch is that they were deliberately put together for a while pending admission to some carriage works to be repainted en mass probably straight to the new blue/grey livery.

    Does anyone know of this train? It would be great to model a full rake of chocs for as late as 1966.

    If not, then presumably the odd choc cream could be found behind the first maroon warships or first blue westerns even?
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