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    What, ANOTHER layout?

    Well yes, but this time a small S7 layout, if it is possible that is within one 5ft x 2ft board, excluding fiddle yard (which I plan to be a small turntable).

    The basic 'plan' is something like this ...

    S7 plan.jpg
    The fiddle yard/turntable will be to the left and I am thinking about getting rid of the crossover and just having one running line so I can use a 'Y' point to save space.

    I already have the basic board finished (I'll post a pic when 'complete').

    Now to the tricky bit ... I am going to try to do this with the equivalent of 4.5ft radius points to save space and run small NER tank locos. I reckon I'll have no problems with the Y7 0-4-0 but the 0-6-0s worry me a bit, but 'what the hell', if I don't try it I won't know will I?

    A bit of help with the track laying from my mate Gavin (Stoneybridge Structures) of this parish ...


    Flexible plastic stencils, the bottom one for both types of 30 ft NER track panels and the top one for the 45 ft panel. They are half sleeper length so are very easy to use for both S7 and O fine scale.

    Anyway, its out with the pencil and paper to draw out 4.5ft NER interlaced points, but I think I'll have a glass or two first :rolleyes:.

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    Hi Peter,

    Excited to see this coming together pal. I like the stencil idea, are they available for sale anywhere?

  3. FiftyFourA

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    They were done for me by my mate Gavin Thirkell; he is on WT under that name so you can PM him or use his business web site, Stoneybridge Structures.

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    After a bit of a health scare it's back to work on the new layout.

    Its got a name now, 'Ravensworth' being a rather common name in the North East (as well as one of the streets where I lived as a little lad many years ago :(), so it was time to finish the baseboard ...

    A couple of views of the 'deck. ...



    Ignore the pencil lines, the original track plan has been 'modified' out of all recognition. Thinking about it, two tracks coming in over a road bridge to a small industrial area would have been overkill by the NER (who were notoriously 'careful' with money), one would have been more likey so I have cut down the bridge to a single line and will need a 3 way point to give access to both goods areas and the run-round. A modified plan will be posted in due course.

    In the meantime, the legs (which are normally integral with the baseboard) have been removed so the whole thing can be painted to help seal and protect the wood and the deck will be covered in underlay ready for the track.

    While I am doing that I need to work out what the fiddle yard will be and how it will join onto the layout. Maybe alcohol will help the 'litle grey cells' :D.

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    Gone to EM gauge.

    Wow, now that's a change! Well yes, a bit.

    Basically I have fallen out of love with S7 (not getting any 'buzz' out of it so resigned from society) and the footprint of the baseboard was simply far too small for 7mm scale, so I have decided to do the same (or very similar) track plan in EM gauge, circa 1947 LNER.

    Painting of baseboards nearly complete so piccies to follow with a few wagons strategically placed (hopefully) to illustrate.

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    The change to EM will be interesting to see especially if you are re-purposing the original boards.

    Is EM new to you or something you have experience of?