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Discussion in 'Resources' started by djparkins, 14 October 2021.

  1. djparkins

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    Correct obviously but l didn’t know if they’d announced it yet!
  2. djparkins

    djparkins Western Thunderer

    Further to the recent postings - we have just added the 40hp Standard Gauge Simplex kit to the site -
    David J Parkins
    Limited quantity at this price.

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    The standard gauge Simplex is a nice easy kit to build. I suggest forgetting about the brass 'wheels' supplied in the kit. Mine runs well on S7 using the Tenshodo spud wheels, on longer axles of course. Mine has had an accident with the roof so needs some tlc to put it back on.

  4. spikey faz

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    I could be very tempted with one of those standard gauge Simplex kits. Although there's mention of a few narrow gauge versions being converted to standard gauge, I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a converted one. The only standard gauge pictures I've seen have bigger wheels and look quite a bit different.
    I still fancy getting one though!

  5. Osgood

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    Interesting, I can't find any pictures of an NG to Std G conversion either.
    The two main publications, Motor Rail Ltd by Keef (Lightmoor) and The Early Years of the Motor Rail & Tram Car Company by Davies, (Plateway) offer the information that post-war standard gauge conversions of the surplus WD 40hp locos were supplied not by Motor Rail (Simplex) but by various others including Kent Construction (Planet) - the only picture I can find (attached below) comes from a circa 1925 Kent catalogue and shows a very similar underframe to the post-war std gauge Simplex model with what looks like a NG armoured body:
    Armoured std g.jpg

    An IRS article describes their 8T standard gauge as having armour plating (sensible re-use of surplus armoured bodies providing weight for traction).
    "Planet" Locomotives
    Later examples had cast ends similar to the Simplex.

    So the subject of the kit under discussion may or not be a Kent Construction conversion but not a Motor Rail - in any case like you I like it, so much so that there is now one less ZZ kit remaining :)

    Edit: I was wrong - Davies's book does indicate some NG locos were adapted by re-gauging - see subsequent post.
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  6. djparkins

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    As you will see when you get your kit - Adrian cites his references in the instructions - that of Motor Rail 514 [WDLR 2233], which was one of three locos that went to Leeds sewage works and was re-gauged in 1924. It then went to to William Pepper's open cast mine in Wales C.1957 and later to J R Williams timber yeard at Wern Tarw. Make of this what you will. As you say it is an interesting loco notwithstanding.
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  7. Osgood

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    Thanks for that David , and I now recall I have seen a picture of one before - indeed that very one!

    Sellafield No.3

    My post above is not correct - Davies's book does mention some converted by Motor Rail by simply regauging wheels or using new axles (including for Italian Sate Railways, Leeds Sewage Wks and a Trinidad sugar refinery).
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  8. Rob R

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    Just in case it's not immediately obvious, lurking behind the steam loco on the right.
    Rob R
  9. djparkins

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    Right that’s it then - I’m scrapping my entire modelling plans and am modelling a Trinidadian sugar refinery!!!
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  10. Rob R

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    WT field trip?
  11. AJC

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    I don't know if this is the same one, but it certainly has the appearance of a standard gauge protected (rather than fully armoured) Simplex which was once at Beamish:

    codur - armoured simplex diesel beamish museum JL

    I'm sure I've seen another image of the same on Flickr somewhere which makes the standard gauge conversion a bit more obvious.

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  12. Osgood

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    Unless they had more than one specimen, the Beamish example was reported as being MR1364/18:

    Simplex Armoured Petrol Locomotive, Duxford 1987

    Note here it has lost its std gauge buffing gear - it wouldn't surprise me if it was later un-re-gauged and is running on the narrow gauge at Beamish?

    (Apologies for the off-topic rabbit hole discussion, David)
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  13. spikey faz

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    Well, I've gone and ordered the standard gauge Simplex.

    Should be a fun little project! :thumbs:

  14. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    A little box of many parts has arrived! 20211105_080357.jpg

    Great service from DJParkins. Just got to build it now. :)

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  15. SimonT

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    I was at Duxford and can supply this to 'answer' the question above.
    20211103_124900 (2).jpg
    It is in the Land Warfare Hall and appears to be sat on 2ft track. It was very dark under the loco and 15 yards away so the wheels couldn't been seen.
    Is it the same loco?
  16. Osgood

    Osgood Western Thunderer

    Interesting question - seems that it is.
    According to (see Untitled Document ) it was re-gauged during restoration and has the same number as the Beamish one.
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  17. spikey faz

    spikey faz Western Thunderer

    Interesting. Well, my model will definitely be standard gauge. Rather than clog this thread up any further, I'll start a fresh one for my build over in the S7 section.

  18. djparkins

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    Well it is one of the original narrow gauge locos - see postings above about the very few which were converted to std. gauge. The ABS Std. gauge kit is based on two or three very specific locos and one in particular - ex- War Dept 2' gauge No.514 [similar to the one in your picture], which sold off and were then converted to std. gauge and went to industrial use after the war. I thought all this had been settled.
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    Just a quick update for those who are interested -

    We have now uploaded all of the items we currently have from the ranges we purchased from Adrian Swain's Estate.

    All of the Wagon Kits and all the Wagon Accessory Packs we currently have are now on the web site.

    We also have put up the budget wagon and coach wheels mentioned earlier in this thread. The three-hole wagon wheels are in the ABS General Accessory Packs Section, whilst the 3' 7" coach wheel packs are in the Cavalier Coaches Section.

    We have also put up some real coach bargain packs in the Wrightlines narrow gauge range.

    As we re-introduce other items from the ranges we will update things. It will all take time but we are on it!

    Regards to all.

    David Parkins
  20. djparkins

    djparkins Western Thunderer

    Just a quick update.

    We have just added all our inherited stocks of the excellent Cavalier Coach Bogie kits to our web site -
    David J Parkins

    These are detailed and accurate [but basic] kits that are easy to assemble for anyone used to working with castings.

    We have kept the prices very low and in most cases all to one price - and they will be available at this price only whilst the current stocks last. There are no illustrations for these temporary offer, but WT members are the most likely to know the bogie types they need!

    We have some Cavalier coach fittings packs too, but these are all in boxes that are still buried deep. As we find them we'll sort them out and put them up on the site, but that might take a little time.

    Regards to All

    David Parkins