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    My apologies for the long gap since I last posted here, but I've had a long unproductive 2mm period, now finished, I hope. I've just finished these two models of one engine at different stages of its life. It was one of the Shildon - Newport locos which was modified to be a banker on the Woodhead line but ended its days as a shunter at Ilford. They were made from two sets of Mike Edges 2mm etchings which went together perfectly and are powered by a 7 x 15 coreless motor.
    P1090028.jpeg P1090031.jpeg

    Two photos of 26510 on Alan Whitehouses excellent Mini - MSW, taken by Tim Shackleton.

    DenisatMSW2.jpg DenisatMSW.jpg
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    Nice Alex I saw the layout at Railex very nice
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