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  1. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Thank you, and no trouble. Here’s the answer: 4mm - Podimore: Off the level. We’re probably due an update on that. I'll take some pictures in a bit.

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  2. Terry Howlett

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    Now that's nostalgia, certainly for me. One of my first paid job's was as a "general hand" in Chapman's yard close to West Croydon station. My big sister worked there in the office and she got me some temporary work helping out in the yard. Some great memories. The wagon looks superb.

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  3. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Ah, I did wonder whether anyone would have come across the company in the wild. I think they were wound up in the '80s? It's only half done right now, I have a lot of fading and abuse to administer for a wagon as it might have looked c.1960. I doubt that they ever had their own post-23 RCH wagons, but who knows? I did also get some transfers for a wagon that definitely existed (and that I have pictures of!) but I have to build it first. Guilt will probably make me build another 1/108 to park up with/instead of it for plausibility's sake, but that's for another day: I must progress the layout some more first.

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  4. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    And here we are, the somewhat worn (I know how it feels) mineral formerly owned by Chapman & Son complete and ready for lack of service:



    I should probably add a bit of coal in the bottom...

  5. daifly

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    I hope that you're being a little whimsical about that cliché. It would be a very sloppy coal merchant that didn't get 'the boy' to sweep out the wagon of every last bit of coal that had been paid for!
  6. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Well it’s not for a coal merchant - the residents of Podimore would use Bradfords or Darch just down the road in Ilchester or Yeovil - this is intended as a coal stage for supplying the tiny bunkers on the quarry company’s industrials - no purpose built construction (another frequent modellerism) here!

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  7. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Having seen @Overseer's gentle nudge in the form of his very nice 7mm model - 7mm - Pipe dreams - I thought I should press on and complete my slightly different example of the same breed. I remember why, though they're a class of wagon I like, I've only built one before as they soak up hours of modelling time on tiny details which add up to the whole.


    This particular batch had a lot of rope cleats and some notches cut in the bottom plank to accommodate them along with SR-type disc cleats on the planks themselves. These are all from Rumney Models etches and were well worth the effort but we'll have to see how it looks under paint.

  8. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I've spent the last few days catching up on some weathering work - prompted by the sun coming out - and I'll post the results over the next few days, but here's the first, a pair of aging hoppers right at the ends of their lives which we've seen before. First, the trend-setting SECR ballast hopper converted from a Hornby Trout. Here's where we started:


    And here's the result - not all down to Hornby, of course, but I wouldn't have done this without them.




    Parked up next to it is something that was more of a battle, GWR P7, painted and lettered to emulate one photographed at Evercreech Junction in 1959.




    NB - these images appear more orange than the wagons do in reality. Annoying, they make the effects less subtle than they actually are - the perils of having no proper photographic set up.
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  9. matto21

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    They're both very nice Adam!
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  10. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    The ex-SECR ballast hopper has come up well :thumbs:.

    It's difficult photographing models in sunlight as the colours tend to get washed out. I find they are best photographed in either the early morning or evening sun and I use the pro settings to take a handful of shots with different exposures.
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  11. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Something from the back of a drawer (it had been waiting for me to order the right buffers), one of Adrian Swain's finest, an SR 8 plank (Sr diagram 1899, I think - 9' wheelbase, Morton brakes). Vey simple, very good. One problem - the ancillary parts, buffers, brakegear and so on were robbed for other uses long ago. Would anyone happen to have 1x set of 9' wheelbase ABS brakes (4mm) they could spare? I have other options, but it would be nice to do this as Adrian would have supplied it.


  12. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Thanks to dad the SR 8-plank has its brakes, but has had to be put to one side, along with everything else while we attend to damp in the living room. That said, I found this on that auction site it's probably best not to mention. Perfectly standard Slater's rectangular oil tank built for EM, I think, but with the wheels put to 00 for a sale (fair enough) because the brake shoes are spaced for the wider gauge. I paid what can only be said to be over the odds for it because of the superb hand lettering, replicating one of William Butler's fairly substantial, Bristol-based, fleet. Just the thing for Roads Reconstruction's siding at Podimore or for Ilchester gas works.



    Below the solebar things aren't so good. It can never have run that well because one axle is substantially off square and obviously the brakegear has taken a bash or three over the decades. I'm not at all keen on the Smith's coupling hook, either, but this is all easy to sort out. A bigger problem - which I am choosing to simply ignore - is that all the various renditions of Wm. Butler's rectangular tanks (lots of RTR versions about) are based on Chas Roberts official views during and after rebuilding with lots of extra insulation, per this one in the HMRS collection: Insulation of rectangular tank wagon. Chas Roberts wagon built for Wm Butler, Tar Distillers, Bristol. Order#:1619, 1648.

    Getting that right would miss the point of the purchase, that lovely lettering job, so I'll be conserving that as best I can and fiddling over the details. I can build a 'proper' one or two later as POWSIDES do the transfers (and I have a set).

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  13. Gerry Beale

    Gerry Beale Active Member

    The Butler rectangular tank wagon is lovely - why do I never see anything like that on 'that' auction site?

    You may be interested in one of my recent wagons which is also from the Slaters kit. I found a Ted West photo of this wagon taken at Yeovil Gas Works in 1948 and Dragon Models did the dry print lettering for me a few years ago - I have only recently got around to putting it together. The cover for the replacement tank manhole was salvaged from a damaged Bachmann tank wagon and I replaced the buffers with sprung buffers from Lanarkshire Models. I replaced the running gear with MJT W-irons and Wizard axle boxes and springs as mine also had running issues as first built. The tar deposits are done according to Martyn Welch's Weathering book and look satisfyingly 'sticky'.


    20210629_124812 (2).jpg
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  14. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    Thanks Gerry - it’s the first success like that I’ve had in years, perhaps as long as a decade now. I love the Roads Reconstruction tank! I’m familiar with the Ted West picture it’s based on of course and replicating it is a long term goal (if The Slater’s kit was easier to get). I don’t suppose you have a spare set of transfers? For a suitable fee, of course.

    I bit the bullet and did the required butchery to make it run last night - I think shoulderless bearings had been melted in with a soldering iron and one had run off centre. I had to drill it out from the front and that process destroyed much of the brake gear. That’s not a problem of course as it was rather brittle and put in on the skew. The lettering is safe, however. Snap later.

  15. Gerry Beale

    Gerry Beale Active Member

    Thanks for your comments Adam. I am afraid that I do not have any spare transfers for the Roads Reconstruction tank wagon - Chris Basten supplied them to me on the already painted tank sides - rather like a POWsides kit. You may like to try him - I believe he is Minerva Models these days selling 7mm scale RTR - and he may no longer do the transfers but you could always ask. Sorry not to be able to help. Do keep us posted on the Butler wagon -it shows promise and should make a nice model.

  16. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    I knew I was being a bit cheeky there - I'll see what I can do. Snap when there's something less obviously destructive to show - sans all the brake gear it looks a bit of a mess at present.

  17. daifly

    daifly Western Thunderer

    I was lucky enough to buy a 7mm kit in this livery from Chris B at the Swindon ‘Steam’ show just before he stopped doing the transfers and lettered wagons in about 2014. It lives in the stash - like too many others - awaiting the ‘right time ‘ to be built.
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  18. AJC

    AJC Western Thunderer

    A bit dramatic, but the first steps toward a more robust, finescale model. Because the ownership plates were too thick and on the huh (as they say in Norfolk) they had to go and they took the vees with them. I’ve reinstated them with Masokits etches and will add new levers and brakes when time allows. New buffers and hooks fitted; new manhole and axlebox covers, the flat front types, like those on Gerry’s model because I don’t want to wreck the rather brittle W irons, next.


    Still quite charming I think.

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