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Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Andrew Thompson, 12 April 2010.

  1. Andrew Thompson

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    This build was first started on the old RMWeb .The kit was purchased at Kettering 09 and the last post was Aug 09 .I had just cut and shaped 4 glass cab windowsreens . However having taken acritical look at the loco I wasnt happy with some of the fit and soldering . So I have been tinkering with grills ,door fittings etc . I am not entirely happy with the door inserts as excess heat has desorted some and I might end up soldering small brass wire around the windows instead. I have now made a start on the cab roofs and used the whitemetal fittings .I had to remove part of the sides and fronts to get them to fit . One I have started to file down but have taken to much off .I added some whitemetal solder to replace what I had removed . In retrospect I will now use Davids Isopan to finish off on both ends . One end I havent touched . ( Pictures attached).Once smoothed down will afix the buffer beams .I intended to use the whitemetal casting supplied with the kit for the front but wasnt happy with the detail and sanded it down (see the RMWeb picture) . I will now start a fresh with plasticard and detail with a mixture of brass and plasticard.Looking at the photos ,It will be alright on the night . :lol:

    [attachment=5:1stkyxhd]winter 015.jpg[/attachment:1stkyxhd]
    [attachment=2:1stkyxhd]winter 018.jpg[/attachment:1stkyxhd]
    [attachment=3:1stkyxhd]winter 017.jpg[/attachment:1stkyxhd]
    [attachment=4:1stkyxhd]winter 016.jpg[/attachment:1stkyxhd]
    [attachment=1:1stkyxhd]winter 020.jpg[/attachment:1stkyxhd]
    [attachment=0:1stkyxhd]winter 022.jpg[/attachment:1stkyxhd]

    Will post more once I have tided up .


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  2. 28ten

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    They does look like a bit of a job! That sort of filing is never the easiest task, with those compound curves being hard to get symmetrical.
    I think I shall be holding out for the JLTRT kit
  3. Phill Dyson

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    Looks like your moving on to the difficult bits now, I keep toying with the idea of getting one myself :scratch:
    Phill :thumbs:
  4. Jordan

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    I don't mean this in a "yah-boo-sucks" way; but looking at your cab roofs I can't help thinking I'm glad I didn't use them on my 22... ;)
    On the other hand, it looks like you got those two notorious bodyside grilles in the right place... :thumbs:
  5. Phill Dyson

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    It was originally a resin kit as were all SB's kits at the time( class's 24,25 & 22), but he switched to etch brass some time ago & as far as I'm aware has no intention of going back to resin, but you could contact him through his website here :

    Cheers Phill
  6. Andrew Thompson

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    if you do venture into opening the box have a look at Trevor Hales thread on the old Rweb under d7093 .Will save you a lot of time if you cant get access I think I copied some of his notes and can post on here .

    My own build is back in the workshops after taking a fall on to the garage floor ,some damage to one cab end once repaired will post .

  7. westernfan

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  8. Phill Dyson

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    Is Trevor still modelling ?, the last I heard he was selling most of his stuff :( , which is a great shame IMO as he was doing some great work on RMW :cool: :cool: :cool:
    Cheers Phill