Bleat Wharf

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    A pint of what he's on please!
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    To quote Ivor Peterborough's view on his good friend Norman's work "he seeks to transmit this anxiety to the spectator, so that his encounter with the image is--at least while the work is new-- a genuine existential predicament.

    Like Kierkegaard's God, the work molests us with its aggressive absurdity.

    It demands a decision in which you discover something of your own quality; and this decision is always a "leap of faith," to use Kierkegaard's famous term. And like Kierkegaard's God, who demands a sacrifice from Abraham in violation of every moral standard: like Kierkegaard's God, the picture seems arbitrary, cruel, irrational, demanding your faith, while it makes no promise of future rewards.

    In other words, it is in the nature of original contemporary art to present itself as a bad risk. And we the public, artists included, should be proud of being in this predicament, because nothing else would seem to us quite true to life; and art, after all, is supposed to be a mirror of life"

    Well said Ivor.

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    And what was Norman's response to such an erudite commentary?
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    Well, I'm lost :confused:
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    What ! No onions ?
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    A 3F at Bleat. 20191208_165331-02.jpeg
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    An overview.......or three..

    Rob. 20191208_214911-01-01.jpeg 20191208_214004-01.jpeg 20191208_150437-02.jpeg
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    Atmosphere in abundance! Very nice.

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    I will second that, it is a lovely piece of work.

    I know your choice of couplings hasn't gone down well in some quarters Rob, but my eye is always drawn away from them by your superb modelling.

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    Following Geoff's last post, I scrolled back up to look again at the threee pictures. You can see TLs in all of them, but the only place it's "in your face" is the brake van on the third picture. They seem to "hide themselves" when not in silhouette against a starkly different background.

    The pictures are atmospheric. Inspiration in abundance!

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    I find it interesting how often technically correct layouts lack - what is for me at least - that vital ingredient of atmosphere, whilst those with the most atmosphere are very often achieved using less exacting standards. This effect is hard to achieve, as it cannot be bought off the shelf, nor measured with a micrometer. It is the skill of the builder to achieve an end result which is greater than the sum of the parts and we are lucky to have some of these appearing regularly on this forum.

    I am eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

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    I love the way that you create a sense of space in a what is actually a small layout. Great work Rob.
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    Thank you all for your very kind words and 'likes'.
    To receive praise is always nice but to receive it from a group of such accomplished modellers is very nice indeed.

    Bleat Wharf has sort of evolved and in fact still is evolving as it's not finished yet.

    If you were to look back to the start of the thread you will see how different the layout was to look as originally planned and constructed.

    I have to say I am glad I took the then difficult decision to rip it all up and start again. The layout seen here was re-built and exhibited in around four months (Jan to April this year)and it better captures the look and feel I was after when I set out to capture a slice of Somerset in the 1950s.

    To my shame however, I have done little more since then what with work and family stuff. However with its next exhibition in a tad under a month, a bit more detailing is required.
    Here are a few more images to be going on with.

    Rob. 20191124_080813-01-01.jpeg 20191124_080616-01-01-01.jpeg 20191124_111246-01-02.jpeg 20191208_150636-01-02-01.jpeg
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    Evening all.

    20191216_202720-01.jpeg 20191216_201541-01.jpeg 20191216_201312-02.jpeg 20191216_201456-01.jpeg

    Tonight, a few cruel close up photos of some of the Bachmann vans that frequent Bleat Wharf.

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    And this little chap who really does need weathering..... 20191216_204250-02-01.jpeg
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    Your cheating again Rob, those close ups are of the real thing. You know that's not allowed.
    Stunning work!!!!!!
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    Not a bad use for an IKEA coffee table!
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    I have to agree, Old boy.

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