7mm Bleddfa Road

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    The same reason I never used Kodachrome but did try Ektachrome once. During the 70s and 80s I tended to use Boots own branded colour slide film which I think was produced for them either by Agfa, Perutz or Fuji. In the latter days of my 35mm photography I used Fujichrome Provia. Now I ocassionally mess around with my Baby Rollei TLR and 127 film.
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    Scanning and uploading views to WT Gallery has clearly shown me that good old Kodachrome 64 was the best of all the various brands I had used. It particularly suited the BR corporate blue era.

    Oop's apologies for this shunt into a siding.
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  3. Geoff

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    Absolutely brilliant Chris!

    Your messing around has produced another interesting result Larry, to my eye 1455 looks really rundown and the goods shed looks as if it might fall down:D Thanks for your comment about the goods shed, at one time I didn't give those sort of structures a second glance and then they sort of grew on me.


    Llangunllo goods shed started the ball rolling.....

    Fuji was always my second choice for colour and then I went through a spell of taking black & white photos with Ilford film. Can't remember the exact one after all these years. In those far off days I was using a Zorki 4K rangefinder camera, I know but times were hard:(

    No need to apologise Larry as it all makes for interesting reading:)

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    That last one is a lovely photo. It looks so spacious and real. Don't be surprised if Llanfair Road yard looks a bit like yours one day! :p

    Geoff, have you considered focussing twice to give you identical shots and then cloning the two sharp shots together? It would solve the problem of out of focus foreground and particularly the 7-plank wagon. You dont move the camera, but simply alter the point of focus within the fold-out backscreen.

    I hope you don't mind me saving this picture on my PC as 'Inspiration 2'....
    WEB Llanfair Rd inspiration 2.jpg
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  5. Geoff

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    Thanks for your kind comments Larry, which are much appreciated :)

    I think I'm at an advantage when it comes to creating a feeling of space, what with my less can mean more approach to layout designs. Over the years I have come to realise that I don't need much to keep me happy, and even more so in 7mm scale. I might be barking up the wrong tree but I think a curved layout helps create a spacious look as well. Penhydd, both versions of Llangunllo and now Bleddfa Road were all built on a sweeping curve which runs diagonally across my layout room.


    Not the best of photos I'll admit......

    I look forward to seeing Llanfair Road yard developing and am sure it will look superb once finished.

    No I hadn't Larry which goes to show just how much I know about photography :rolleyes:. I don't have photoshop or any other fancy software but having trawled through the internet I have come across some tutorials on the subject, and some free software so thanks for opening my eyes ;)

    Of course I don't mind, I'm rather flattered to be honest, thank you :)

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    Wow I had to do a double take, Had the back-scene been a tad closer in colour to the foreground I would have not questioned my first take. One day when I grow up I hope I can do as convincing a job on a scene.

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  7. Mikemill

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    Fabulous piece of modelling, it could be the real, very impressive.

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  8. Geoff

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    Thank you Michael and Mike for your kind comments.

    Llangunllo served its purpose well, everything in this scene, which is one of my favourites still survives. The Class 122 was converted from an old Hornby (ex Lima) 121.

    P1160419 (1).JPG
    In the meantime work on its 7mm scale replacement Bleddfa Road continues......


    The station building is now clad in corrugated sheets and awaits detailing, the small structure tagged on the end is the ladies WC. complete with lower hatch to aid removal of what I assume would have been an Elsan chemical toilet bucket. As usual the gents have to traipse to the end of the platform to enjoy the pleasures of the outdoor facilities :)

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