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  1. michl080

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    hi there,

    sometimes, I read articles that seem to be so useful that I set a bookmark to find them at a later time.

    Now, I tried to remember where I found an article and thought it might be a good idea to browse through my bookmarks.


    I can't find any menu item that lists my bookmarks. So this seems to be some kind of write only feature.

    Any hint?

  2. Landy

    Landy Member

    Your bookmarks list should be on the dropdown menu on your profile in the top right corner
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  3. Yorkshire Dave

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    Hi Michael

    Apologies if you already know some of this but it may help others.

    Bookmark the post you want to save using the link at the bottom of the post.

    Bookmark 1.jpg
    Add description and submit
    bookmark 2.jpg

    Open your profile page on the header bar and find bookmark list

    Bookmark 3.jpg

    Bookmarked item will appear here.
    bookmark 4.jpg

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  4. michl080

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    thanks all,

    :) silly me.

  5. Osgood

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    I’d never noticed that either - I could have been making very good use of it. :rolleyes:
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  6. Rob R

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    Plus one.
    (Although it is good to trawl through the whole forum now and again)
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