Bow Creek Wharf. S7


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Simon, if we do you will certainly be invited. We forgot to discuss it during our weekly Love Lane Webex chat yesterday. On reflection I'm not sure we can safely visit the Prospect & The Grapes this year due to the pesky virus. There is the Anchor and Hope with a garden just the other side of the Dome but I think that is too far to pedal on a Boris. I had forgotten the Bermonsey Angel which is between the Bridge and Mayflower so that was 5 pints but, I don't think they have a garden. Maybe wait until next year. I did the quoted cycle ride while my boat was moored in Limehouse basin for a few days. My son reminded me of another epic riverside adventure done by train when the Tall Ships event was on: DLR to Island Gardens, walk through Brunels's foot tunnel, a pint in the Plume of Feathers, another in the Trafalgar, DLR Greenwich to Canary Wharf to look at the London Docks Museum but decided it would take up too much drinking time, The Grapes for one and a pork pie, The Prospect of Whitby where I seem to remember we drank our beer down on the "beach", The Town of Ramsgate for a quicky and then somehow we got to the Museum Tavern and the Marquis Cornwallis in Bloomsbury by which time I was on soft drinks. Happy, carefree days.

Thanks Robin, do please let me know, and if I can join, I most certainly will!

Currently moored in Treburden. :).

Hi Col
I have just finished going through your thread from start to finish, and this checks a lot of boxes for me. I enjoy the industrial / dock scene and wish you every great success, I'll be following this with great interest.


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A couple of years ago a good friend and fellow S7 member of our area group gave me a suitcase of railway photographs. He has since sadly passed away, and I have recently been going through them to see what he had collected.
Some appear to be personal photo's taken by him and some by friends close to him whilst others appear to have been obtained from railway co. press offices.
One which has stood out for me is this one of an LNER Y1 Sentinal, a loco I have planned to build for Bow Creek.

LNER Class Y1 0-4-0 Sentinal No. 45.png
A lot of the other photo's are GWR, LMS and not only loco's, there are wagons also, so I think another thread would be good to start with a selection scanned for you to see.


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Yes please, Col. This is the sort of thing I love! (You may have noticed.............)

In case you need it I have a Y1 at Yarmouth in my collection, sort of 1930 - ish.



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Jeez ! another year gone nearly since posting on Bow Creek, anyway today I have messed around with tidying up the workshop because of other jobs etc. but I found time this afternoon to set up a test piece for the eventual layout.
When designing a layout you really need to be able to visualize how it will look from a viewing point, it's easy to draw plans and track diagrams and after about 10 years ( yes I did say 10) I pretty much have in my head how this layout will look.
Some of you who are part of the East Anglian S7 area group will have seen the mocked up wharf scene I took to our local meeting a few years back but this time I just wanted to get a basic feel of another part of the layout, I erected a temporary base board with the surface at my selected viewing height of 4'-6" ( 1370mm ) this was done initially to help visualize the station throat and platform end area which is crossed by a road bridge. I simply used a building destined to form part of another area of the layout, some pieces of ply and timber and some lengths of ready to lay track used for testing stock.

Although very basic and simple it gives an idea of how it will look and if there is a need to change the basic drawn plan.




I'm 5'-8" tall and the middle photo is the viewing angle I get when looking at the layout, this will be the same for the whole layout base boards although there will be some subtle changes in the ground levels here and there.
The B17 would not of coarse be the source of motive power on this line, it's route availability wont allow it, but in the absence of a suitable loco at present it gives some scale.
I very hopeful that base board construction can start during the coarse of the Autumn/Winter of this year.



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Blimey, I've just realised where that photo was taken. Must have been quite a while ago now.

The other JB