Prototype BR VGA covered wagons - drawing source?

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    This topic is about the VGA wagons built for BR in the early 1980s, for a summary of the build see here .

    I wish to prepare a 3D CAD drawing of the van body as a precursor to an etch set of parts. Resource material available to me includes the Barrowmore website for BR wagon diagram books and the article by Paul Bartlett et al in Model Railway Constructor for December 1986.... plus a good number of wagon-centric websites (Paul Bartlett, Gingespotting, LTSV, Flickr...).

    And yes, I know that there is a PRMRP kit for this wagon, I just want to produce a decent model.

    At this point there is a block to progress and that block is the way in which the wagon ends are constructed, with metal sections and platework, such that the end wall of the body is "recessed" by virtue of the corner body pillars. Dimensions of the sections used, for example the vertical stanchions and the body pillars ought to help to produce a horizontal cross-section through the end and hence enable extrusion of the section to form the end of the wagon.

    Ah, all you need is a works drawing of the vehicle... right, ok, ok where are those to be found today?

    Anyone got any suggestions?

    thank you, Graham
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    I can’t help Graham but a very good 3d cad was drawn up by a S7 thunderer a few years ago, His name escapes me but he’s from Bridgewater. I’ll do a search and see what I can come up with. His Cad did look excellent.

    It was Pugsley. I think you may know him Graham.
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    I suspect that you are referring to this topic, computer aided wagonry which was authored by Pugsley.

    However, Martin was doing a cargowaggon pair so similar and no cigar.
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    20210513_003018.jpg 20210513_003046.jpg Hi Graham

    Is this what you are looking for .

    If so pm me to sort a copy drawing.

    This was provided by the Gauge O Guild back in the early 80s so they may also have retained a copy.

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    Also found a 4mm drawing in Model Railway Constructor Dec 1986.

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