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Discussion in 'Area 51' started by Caggers, 6 July 2012.

  1. Caggers

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    I have the layout booked to be at RailEx NE 2020 so work will be progressing more quickly moving forwards.
  2. Caggers

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    Looks like the above has been moved due to over booking to 2021, but I am still using the 2020 date as a target.

    Since September there has been some progress:

    And this is my first attempt at stretcher, it works...

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    You've posted a thumbnail which won't show the full photo so it's difficult to comment.
  4. Caggers

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    That should now be fixed...
  5. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer

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    Simon (@Caggers) - some nice videos showing just how much progress since I was last in your clubroom... was that really five years back?

    Tell us about your motive power, looks like at least three tanks there. What is the time period for the layout? Location?

    regards, Graham
  7. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer

    Location is Reeth in North Yorkshire so NE pre grouping, however I have some motive power (bought at a good price) that does not quite fit so will be abit 'interesting' at times. Having said this I can always run this as a perserved line so 'it's my railway and I'll run what I like' will prevail.

    S7 wise I have a 0-4-0 Deely Tank (needs a DDC Chip) and a 0-6-0 GER J69 (currently in piece to have a sound chip installed), I have a number of bargin '0' gauge locos 08/Sentinel/Terriers/GWR Pannier that all need conversion, now I have bought a lathe.
    I also have a couple of loco kits to build at some point...

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  8. Caggers

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    Wow, yes it will be 5 years (and 2house moves) since you were in LNER country.
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    Very nice Simon, we had a ride out to Reeth a couple of weeks ago (it's about 10 miles from us) but I didn't see any signs of former railway infrastructure as we passed through.

    Admittedly we didn't stop to look around, we just drove into the village, turned around in the main square/green and headed back off to Leyburn skirting the MOD firing ranges which were packed with troops on guard at every entrance.
  10. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer


    This is the line that was never built, so I have free license .

    There were acts of parliament passed, just not actioned, extending the Richmond branch line.
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  11. Rob Pulham

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    Ahh, got you. No wonder I didn't see any railway infrastructure.

    I have read up quite a bit on the history of the Wensleydale branch since moving here but not the Richmond or Masham branches which are also nearby (I have obviously borrowed the wrong books from my neighbours:))).

    We have been to Richmond Station a couple of times it's a lovely building with a very nice Cafe and ice cream parlour inside.
  12. Caggers

    Caggers Western Thunderer

    Made some progress after buying a decent Static grass applicator.

    I have this evening setup a servo to control the first point on my layout.
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