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  1. 28ten

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    Warning test the colours before using them on your model - they are a percieved match and not gospel
    Any Roof Grey - Halford's Plastic Bumper

    MR/LMS/BR Maroon - Rover Damask Red / Ford Damask Red / British Leyland Damask Red

    GWR Brunswick Green - Peugeot Conifer

    GWR/BR Loco Green - Rover Brooklands Green / Ford Laurel Green / Leyland Brooklands Green / Landrover Deep Bronze Green

    BR Diesel Light Green Band - Ford Highland Green

    BR Wagon Bauxite - Alfa Romeo Bruno DE37

    BR Wagon Grey - VW Eisgrauen KJ94

    BR Maroon - Vauxhall Burgundy Red / Ford Burgundy Red / Triumph Damson

    BR Coach Carmine - Ford Rosso Red / Ford Venetian Red / Leyland MG Metro Cinnabar Red

    BR Coach Cream - Vauxhall Gazelle Beige / Talbot Jonquil

    BR Coach Cream (well worn) - Peugeot Antelope Beige

    BR Diesel Blue - VW Pargas Blue

    BR Steam Loco Blue - Peugeot Royal Blue

    BR Loco Warning Panel Yellow - Vauxhall Mustard Yellow

    LNER Garter Blue/BR diesel blue but slightly more blue - Ford Fjord Blue, less green

    LNER Garter Blue - VW Pargas Blue

    LMS Coronation Blue - Rover Pageant Mid-Blue

    Stanier Coronation Blue - Peugeot Royal Blue

    Pullman Coach Brown - Rover Russet Brown

    GWR Coach Cream - Rover Primula Yellow / Ford Sahara Beige

    GWR Coach Brown - Triumph Maple / Talbot Caf?? Noir / Rover Russet Brown

    SR Dark Olive Green - Land Rover Coniston Green

    SR Malachite Green - Ford Laurel Green

    LNWR / LYR Coach Plum Lower Panels - Daewoo Dark Red

    LNWR Coach Bluey-White Upper Panels - Daewoo Casablanca White

    CR Steam Loco - Peugeot Royal Blue

    SDJR Blue / CR Dark Blue - Rover Midnight Blue

    Stroudley LBSCR Ochre - BMC Tan

    LBSCR Umber - Vauxhall Brazil Brown

    North.Staffs Maroon - Vauxhall Gambia Red

    NER Coach Red - Vauxhall Gambia Red

    LYR Coach Upper Panels - Plastikote Nut Brown

    SR EMU Green - Jaguar British Racing Green

    Deltic Blue - Lada Adriatic Blue

    Warning panel yellow - Ford Signal Yellow - use white primer

    Post Office Red - Ford Sunburst Red - use red primer
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  2. GER Blue - VW Ultramarine
  3. Arty

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    I wandered into our local Halfords with the list and couldn't find many of the colours at all.
    Judging by the car manufacturers - Talbot, Triumph, Rover, the list looks a little dated. So many of the colours in stock now are metallic.
    I did find some Damask red, but they only had the black and dark grey plastic bumper paint, not the light grey.

    I shall keep my eyes open.

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  4. TheSnapper

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    Most auto-paint retailers (including Halfords) will also mix-up paint and/or aerosols according to RAL or BS specification numbers. eg I use RAL6007 for BR Green.

    Does anyone have more details? For instance, do the above colours have BS or RAL numbers?

  5. 28ten

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    Yes some of the new ones do RAL numbers.
    The list is very old and has been compiled from various sources over the years.
  6. eastsidepilot

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    LSWR emu Sage Green- Ford Meadow Green ( Holts) over grey primer.

  7. Jim S-W

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    Hi All

    Before anyone goes shopping I can report that

    BR Diesel Blue - VW Pargas Blue
    BR Loco Warning Panel - ford signal yellow

    Are no where near

    Edit - I meant ford yellow (now changed) vauxhall yellow is pretty good


  8. Phill Dyson

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    Yes I once bought a can which was supposed to be BR Blue after a recommendation on another forum..........thankfully I sprayed a test piece rather than a model :eek:...........come to think of it, how many BR Blue cars do we see about ;):))
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  9. BrushType4

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    Very useful info on the VW Pargas Blue, but it's no longer available anyway unless you are willing to pay £25 or more to get it mixed as a special.

    I just wondering why we want car paint in rail colours? What is the benefit when you can buy pretty much any rail colour you would need in aerosol from Precision paints, JLTRT etc. It seems to be about the same price too?
  10. Ressaldar

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    you'll have to be quick with the JLTRT paints as they are stopping them - once the stock has gone, it's gone - price reduced to £12.50 per aerosol now, but no Rail Blue left:eek:


  11. Phill Dyson

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    Halfords cans tend to work better as they spray better & the nozzles don't clog, but a lot of the so called rail colour matches are somewhat dubious IMO ;) ........the only car paints I use are primers & black for now, but I like the Rover Darmask Red that Rob has used on his MK1 & I may well give that one a go :cool:
  12. lancer1027

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    I would'nt normally use car paint as i think your better off with the correct colour so i usually stick with Railmatch or Precision. However i decided to use Rover Damask Red for my mk1 because i couldnt get hold of a Railmatch or Precision aerosol quick enough as i wanted to spray it in a 2 day time period.
    Having used it though i am more than happy with the result.:thumbs:

  13. Allowing for the impacts of sunlight, and then dirt, and rain, the actual colour of a railway vehicle in service can be somewhat different to ex-works after even a few weeks, so unless stock is to be modelled in perfect condition, the colour doesn't have to be perfect, just close enough.

    BR Blue is specifically defined as "monastral blue", Hex: #000f89, RGB 0,15,137, BS BR28/6001 (Airless spray finish) and BR28/5321 (Brush finish), with RAL 5020 ("Ocean Blue") being probably the closest colour. I have been told that as far as Halfords are concerned, then Ford Balliol Blue is a good match.
  14. BrushType4

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    Simon, on your advice then I'm going to try it on a couple of parcel vans this afternoon. Pics later...
  15. BrushType4

    BrushType4 Western Thunderer

    Its blue Jim, but not as we know it...

  16. westernfan

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    Ah Ford Transit rust bucket Blue !
  17. BrushType4

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    I think it will be ok with a lot of weathering. I'll post the progress on my thread.
  18. It strikes me that the time is opportune for two things:
    1. Mention that it wasn't my advice, but something I said I had been told, yer 'onour...
    2. Run away very quickly.

    (Once you have painted the chassis bits and the roof, it may look less stark.)

    Thanks for trying it, though!
  19. westernfan

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    Maybe its the gloss effect on the paint, a coat of matt varnish to dull it down, then some dirty washes . I just keep seeing a G reg blue tranny with a warning yellow bonnet .
  20. Phill Dyson

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    Phil, if enamels can be safley used over that car paint (acrylic?) , then I would be tempted to blow it over with Railmatch Rail Blue before weathering ;):)
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