Carmine and Cream and other colour schemes

Steve Cook

Flying Squad
I cut our lawn today, and sorry but it didn't feel at all like the "Scenic Modelling" it's supposed to be if there's a Railway in the garden.... nope, it's still just 'cutting the lawn' to me.... :(
Was the same for me too, it barely qualified as gardening.
Then I built a railway.
Now I have a loyalty card at two nurseries and try to sculpt trees from bushes then trim them with scissors.
Garden railways - once you've got one you'll understand, honest :)) Well, maybe not the scissors bit, but you get the general idea :)

Is it worth it?
Every hour spent so far and every hour to come :thumbs:


Sorry, somewhat off topic there :oops:


Western Thunderer
I get excited cutting hedges and grass etc and i havent really got a railway yet, well nearly, sort of almost.:D:oops:

But in mind its ALL finished:p