7mm DJH B1

Discussion in 'Area 51' started by topshed34a, 15 March 2021.

  1. topshed34a

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    Just started the DJH B1 and building the bogie, two issues.

    Not to sure which is the front of the bogie, one end extends slightly longer from the axle at one end.

    There is supposed to be two whitemetal casting that fit under the fold out tab that my needle file is on.
    I have no idea what these parts look like as DJH drawings are not the best plus unlike the lost wax casting in the kit that have photos in the instructions so you can identify them the masses of whitemetal parts leave it up to you and the scent picture to identify. 16158002404511463111293.jpg
  2. AJC

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    The projecting bits must be the guard irons and they're at the front, per the drawing and the photograph. It's worth taking a look at @dibateg's thread which features this self-same kit, starting here: 7mm - The Derby Line - DJH/Piercy B1

  3. dibateg

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  4. topshed34a

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    Adam, I realise what the guard iron are and where thy go, the thing is the bogie is noy symetrical so could work out which end leads
  5. AJC

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    Apologies - no idea. If I had to guess, I would reckon the shorter end - and thus smaller bogie swing - would be at the rear.

  6. Richard Spoors

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    Steven, have you looked here for your other project? Finney 7 LNER A4
  7. topshed34a

    topshed34a Western Thunderer

    Thanks I will look now
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