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    Having had an interest in the Dundalk Newry and Greenore Railway for some time and having the wheels in a drawer for nearly as long it seemed like a good time to start building one of the LNWR built tank locos. I have not managed to find much spare time for modelling for quite a while and felt the need to bend some brass and started with the saddle tank. I am really set up to build in O scale and have not built many locos in HO scale. It is quite different and more impressionistic, well it is for me scratch building.

    This is the progress so far, the saddle tank, footplate, smokebox and cab front. HO scale on 18.3mm gauge to match 5'3" gauge.
    dngr IMG_1325.jpg

    dngr IMG_1322.jpg

    dngr IMG_1324.jpg

    dngr IMG_1321.jpg
    dngr IMG_1323.jpg

    The carriage in the photo is one of the Worsley Works etches for the DNGR stock, wider versions of LNWR 30'1" stock but on more modern underframes. Worsley Works provide some parts for a Cleminson underframe but it won't do for LNWR built carriages so some of the bits are being modified to look like the prototype.
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    This is going to look nicely out of place on your representation of rural Victoria isn't it Fraser? I know the feeling about bending brass though; I spent an hour or so fretting some tender frames from on Friday and felt the better for it. I shouldn't commence another loco until I've at least got one of the pair lurking actually running, and yet...

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    Yes it will look odd, but not as odd as another board with bullhead rail, green grass and an iron bridge with basalt buttresses will if I get round to building it, when it has a desert at each end. Scratch building is good therapy, low cost and good problem solving practice.

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    I agree Fraser but I'm not so sure whether it's "god" therapy! Perhaps you meant good.
    I put aside my 'Bothersome Baltic' and cut out and assembled the bits for a couple of tenders as a distraction. Now back to the pug with renewed determination to get it round corners.

    Irish steam is fascinating. So many attractive antique designs crying out to be modelled.

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    I hadn't thought of having any deities involved in scratch building.

    I often put things aside to solve problems while getting on with something else, work ones get sorted quickly but model ones can take years before I get back to them. The prototype Baltic maybe had issues with curves, from memory the photos showed wider splayed bogie wheel splashers than the GA.