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    You're not – but I am. I brushed the dust of High Wycombe from my feet in late '66 (that's 1966, not 1866 in case there's any doubt) and moved back to London with my girlfriend, a Beaconsfield lass. We'd done our cinema courting at the Chiltern in Beaconsfield...

    Mmm; too much information?
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    Seeing as I started this topic... and assisted Phil with the content taking a different slant... then I feel that I can give the direction a slight nudge further off-course (pending the promised photo of the original subject).

    There was a fishmonger's shop in Desborough Road, close to Isaac Lord's ironmongery shop, wet fish in the day and hot fish-n-chips in the evening. I am not aware of any other similar establishment in the 60s and 70s - any suggestions?

    regards, Graham
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    Aaaah.... The old Isaac Lords. Tins of these, boxes of those....

    When the model railway club was under the floor with trenches to walk around in up at, er, hmm, bah! and it was only 1972.

    Do you remember the Morecambe and Wise shows where they opened a door and there was an express train coming straight at them? I lived off Desborough Ave and having got dressed threw open the curtains only to see the Red Arrows coming straight towards me - Booker Air Show! Anyway, you could get your fish with or without batter depending on what sort of day you'd had.
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    Oh and my real reason for posting :drool: was getting a Unimat SL from Jeff Saville which I still have for 'prototyping' (as in that's terrible give it and the drawing to someone who knows stuff). Need a tail stock handle and better get some drive belts, they're 40 years old now.
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    Which MRC?
    Where off the long and uphill road?

    Please let me know where you find new belts as my "gift" has no drive at this time.

    regards, Graham
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    Lots available on E-Bay Graham.

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    Save yourself a bob or two, find your local roller bearing/seal supplier & have a word in there ear - if they're the same as the SL items, I've purchased BS340 & BS332 O rings for pennies - still using the first pair fitted, after about 8 years (still got another two sets to go at).

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    Regarding belts, you may find that you can use small electric mower v belts (have a look round B& Q or similar) I've certainly got one driving my Unimat 3 milling attachment.....
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    Good tip Baz.
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    Here are some photos of the lathe... I believe this to be a model 2B, possibly known as a DB or SL - let me know if my opinion needs correction.




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    Yes, looks like a 2B. But not an SL as they are similar but quite different in most details. The obvious difference is the headstock on the SL has degree markings on it and a round pin with hex head to fix it in line instead of the vertical slot and (missing) disk on your 2B. It does look quite unused. I think DB was the US version of the SL.
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    I agree with Overseer - it's a 2B, as seen here.

    It would have originally come with all sorts of accessories the most important, in my view, are the post and bracket to convert the machine into a mill/drill configuration. I'll post a picture of my SL so that you can see what I mean.

    Considering its age, mid to late 1950's possibly, it's in very good nick. Didn't he do well folks!

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    Thank you Fraser, re-reading the web-site history that was quoted previously I see that the SL is not a candidate for my model.
    Yes please, the missing parts may well be in the box of tooling which is yet to be re-homed.

    One of my earlier posts did suggest circa late 1950s. Come to think of it, Phil, you and I are in very good nick given that we are somewhat contemporary.
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    Clean living, eschewing both the demon drink and mucky women - oh, and I don't tell lies, although that might have been one. :p

    100_0511.JPG 100_0513.JPG

    If that works you should now be gazing upon the kit to turn your DB into a drilling/milling machine. The machine behind is the SL's big brother, confusingly also called an SL. Both of them are woefully under-used I'm afraid.

    Ignore the thing with the hole behind the lathe bed, it's an added extra which enables the whole length to come under the drill head.


    Edited multiple times to get the right photos in.
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    Do not have anything like that... Phil. I shall have to rummage in the "junk" box to see if the parts got parted from the lathe.
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    I would be surprised if you do find the parts, I think the milling/drilling pillar was one of the improvements for the SL model. But I have never knowingly seen a 2B so I could be wrong and EMCO were known to change specifications of the various models over time.
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    Have a look here, it's a 2b (albeit of a little later vintage I think) with its included kit - including the bar and bracket. See also here for the 2a configuration.

    [Edit] Found further pictures [/Edit]
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    I stand corrected. I had forgotten about the ratchet feed built into the headstock of the SL (and from the photos the 2B) so it can be mounted on the simple bracket on the pole.
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    The thing about the moveable headstock is that you can drill something held in a 3/4 jaw chuck on the tail-stock, swap the drill for a tap (take the belts off!) and using figure pressure on the headstock pulley, tap the hole you've just drilled - done that, got the t-shirt and the busted taps as I was learning how to do it! Apply gentle pressure and the tap will pull the headstock in as it goes. Quarter turn at a time, using spit. Oh - and experience here, do remember to slacken off the quill lock-screws slightly first.

    A truly versatile little machine, just don't ask it to do too much at a time. Turn very, very, lightly or the bar shears will flex. Sharp tools, light feeds at the right height will get the job done. Tediously, but it will work.

    There is a manual for the SL here which should do for your 2b as well. Well, 'ish I think. :)


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