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Discussion in 'Resources' started by AJC, 4 August 2015.

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    Brilliant as usual, Adam

    Steve :cool:
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    It certainly is!

    In case anyone is wondering how the Michigan - which has an unconventional lift arm geometry - has been adapted for shunting, it is fairly simple: the bucket has been removed and a buffing beam attached high up on the front frame.
    Here's a 125A which we had from new for the best part of 30 years showing how the linkage works. If only you could keep everything :rolleyes:

    Michigan 125A.jpg

    Chicago O'Hare airport still has a fair few of these by now ancient 125As and some larger 180s in their snow clearing fleet.
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    Nice! The re-cabbed Matador - is that a tipper body? - is extremely funky too.

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    Yes, a tipper. Only the radiator badge survives. There were 4, all with different cabs! This one (origin unknown), a standard military cab, a civvy AEC cab and another civvy cab ex Douglas timber tractor. There was a 6 wheel refuelling tanker chassis-cab for spares too.

    The 125As like that above assembled in the UK (I believe at AWD Camberley?) had a Leyland 600 and masses of torque at the wheels, so I guess would be capable of pushing a very respectable freight trainload! Quite possibly the equivalent of a 20T Fowler 0-4-0 shunter, given similar power unit, 1/2 the weight but plenty of rubber for traction?

    Was the model inspired by the use of a Michigan in real life as a rail shunter?
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    No idea - it's a question for Hywel who built it. It's certainly a step up from the usual Fordson Major based units, or even the County 4wd version that used to live at Longsight. What industry were the Matadors employed in? Can't quite make it out.

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    Chalk. Plenty of punctures from the flint!
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    Hi Osgood,

    correct, in an ex US Navy hanger on Blackbushe Airport (scene of last weeks crash onto the BCA carpark) we used to live in Yateley, backing onto the airfield.


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    Hi Adam

    Is there a Sept update yet ?

    Steve :cool:
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    Nothing to do with me Steve! I dare say an update will be along when it's along.

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    With holidays and other things associated with this time of year, there's not much to report from the offices of emgauge70s this month, and not helped by the collapse of my usual FTP client. All seemed to be working fine until it asked me to update, and that's the usual kiss of death!!!

    So..... the combined shortage of updates, and the lack of a decent FTP (I have tried uploading a new one, but that just introduced additional niggles and sub-problems which I didn't want on my 'puter), there's not a lot to report for September 2015.

    Of course all this pails into insignificance, considering the preparations for getting Hornsey Broadway ready for its first outing on the 19th & 20th of September at Shipley, West Yorkshire (operational but still work in progress). There are no other planned outings until May 2018 for the layout, when hopefully it will be finished in time for Railex at Aylesbury.

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    That's particularly fine collection of layouts - I'll have to see if I can get a day pass to visit and get my monthly fix.
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    Hi Kier

    I like NCH's Classic FTP on Windoze, and Transmit on Mac :)
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    Just need an update fix, of this superb modelling :oops:

    Steve :cool:
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    Oh yes!!! I'm looking forward to that. All the photos I've seen are amazing and I want to see it in the flesh. I will be at Railex 2018 but that's an awful long time to wait. (Always assuming I've not completed all my outstanding kits by then - see earlier posting to reference this.)

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    As usual, superb modelling and lashings of inspiration! Well done chaps. :thumbs:


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    Amazing as usual, Just spent the last 45 mins looking over, then back, etc etc. :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:

    Steve :cool:
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    Roll on next week.
    The Wigan show beckons!
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    Indeed! Can't wait!