EMGS Oxfordshire Area Group Proposal

Discussion in 'EM/S4 & S scale' started by PaulR, 19 February 2021.

  1. PaulR

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    I placed an advert in the last EMGS Newsletter to see if anyone is interested in forming an area group for West Oxfordshire. Unfortunately I only had one response, so how about if the geographical area was increased (nominally) to the whole of Oxfordshire?

    My idea is for an informal group to meet up and share information, knowledge, and to generally enjoy each others company, but the shape of it can ultimately be lead by members. I realise that meeting up is not actually possible at the moment, but hopefully things will be back closer to normal soon and there's no harm in having optimism.

    Please do contact me, either here or with a DM if you are interested. It would be great to have something going here!

    Yours in hope,

    Paul Rhodes
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  2. Mikemill

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    Check your conversation box

  3. AJC

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    Ah, if only. I live in the bit off the country you model rather than where you happen to be - all moot at present, anyhow.

  4. PaulR

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    Yes, unfortunately we can't actually meet at the moment, but it would have been nice to have you included Adam.