Ex Rhymney Railway 38.


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Ex Rhymney Railway BR(W) 38 has arrived at Crymlyn A Shop for a heavy general. This will mostly involve converting the chassis from rigid with sprung Slater’s horn blocks. The first job will be to pivot the coupling rods. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Further pictures of the rods will be posted when the Boyos start work.



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The RR R-class had a 7'3"+ 8'0" wheelbase as you know. Premier Components do rods of the correct length (PR227J) in the jointed pattern. These are intended for a GW 56xx class 0-6-2 but have a hint of a fishbelly shape which I don't think is appropriate for the R-class. Or are you intending to utilse the existing rods in which case fabricating a half-lapped joint is possibly the way to go?

It is also likely that some adjustment to the hornblocks may be needed to accommodate the new rods as there is almost certainly going to be a slight mismatch.

Is the running of the current chassis configuration giving problems?

(see below for a better solution!)
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The Crymlyn A Shop foreman is pleased to announce that the Boyos have completed the chassis rebuild of ex Rhymney Railway A class 38. It will be worked to Pantyfynnon Junction for acceptance trials next Tuesday. A good place to observe and photograph these workings will be from uprtairs in the Pantyfynnon Social Club between 6 and 9pm: