Fastener Sizes and Scale Equivalents

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    The following tables are in intended to assist members in correctly representing fasteners in various scales, if there is any comment or additional information provided or needed could you kindly post them in
    Discussion of Fastener Sizes and Scale Equivalents, and this thread can be updated as required.

    Whitworth Fastener Dimensions​

    Set out below are tables of Whitworth fastener dimensions for full size and Gauge O, Gauge 1 Gauge 3 scale equivalents. The scale equivalents are given in millimetres and inches. Please note that the washer dimensions (shown in italics) are estimates as no relevant standard was available at the time of making up the tables. If someone has the standards for washer sizes could you kindly let us have details in the discussion thread. Following these tables are downloadable excel *.xls files for each of the scales which have both the metric and imperial dimensions as well as the full size dimensions included.

    Whitworth Full Size.JPG

    Whitworth 7mm metric.JPG

    Whitworth 7mm inch.JPG

    Whitworth G1 metric.JPG

    Whitworth G1 inch.JPG

    Whitworth G3 metric.JPG

    Whitworth G3 inch.JPG

    The following are the downloadable excel files.

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    Coach Bolts and Snap Head Rivets​

    The tables below provide dimensions of the heads of these two types of fasteners, as well as a sketch of the head shapes which are significantly different.

    Coach Bolts.JPG

    Snap Head Rivets.JPG

    Below are the downloadable excel files:

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    Imperial Standard Wire Gauge and small BA dimensions

    The following tables provide details, a downloadable copy of the standard wire gauge table is also attached


    BA equivalent.JPG

    The following is the excel file

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