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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Jordan, 24 September 2014.

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    I was thinking that Jordan's Armchair Modeller magazine would have a larger target audience than the new Finescale RM Review and be more likely to succeed. But on reflection I realised I was wrong. People like to see things being done, and done well, even if they have no intention of doing it themselves. The number and popularity of reality TV competitive cooking, home renovation etc shows proves that. So I think Bob Barlow is heading in a sensible direction. The higher end and more accurate the better, but not sure if a competitive element would work in a magazine. :)

    I would like to see the new magazine succeed. Hopefully it can overcome the divisive tendencies of the 'Finescale' name.
  2. Simon

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    Well my stocks of the new mag should arrive this morning and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

    I have already sold several "sight unseen" and think it will do very well, it seems to me that there is an appetite out there for something else in the "near MRJ" territory and adding this to one's existing purchasing is hardly going to break anyone's bank.

    It will be interesting to see how contributors "pan out" between FRM and MRJ, I'd like to think that there will be a fair bit of common ground between the two, although I'm sure there will be loyalties in different directions. FRM certainly has an asset in Alex Duckworth, a good writer and even better modeller.

    I will admit to loving MRJ and quite possibly feeling a bit protective towards it, but that doesn't mean that I can't or won't enjoy the new magazine, it will also be good to have Bob's "chatty" style back in print again I think.

    As the yoofs say - what's not to like?

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    Speaking personally, I absolutely loved MRJ when it first came out, and my father's model of Aylesbury featured in issue No.0, but since moving up-scale there is less in it for me personally and I have not bought it regularly for the last eight years or so. They have said that Gauge 3 is not within their remit. FRM however have said that anything goes and they have an open mind, so I am hopeful and look forward to seeing it tomorrow, at Scaleforum.

    Either way, it deserves to succeed.

  4. iak63

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    My copy of FRMR arrived this morning and on first impressions - nice!!! :cool:
    Good articles, well illustrated and with some thought put into it - a full subscription will be forthcoming methinks...
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    My copy arrived in the post today, and since I subscribed less than 24 hours ago, that's a darned good service.

    Unfortunately, I shall have to put it aside for later, but a first glance looks promising.

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    I was just about to say the same thing! I've had a quick newsagents' flick through, and I have to say I like what I see.

    I'll sit down and read properly later.
  7. Osgood

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    Looks good. But if there is a difference between the content of this and the equally good MRJ - which as a professional armchair operative I have long supported - the subtlety is at present lost on me. I simply see it as another set of excellent articles - and along the same lines as MRJ and NG&IRM each article either captures one's attention or not, depending on one's interest. Rarely have I been excited by every article in one of the aforementioned magazines, but that is hardly surprising and not to be expected.

    I invariably find Railway Bylines incredibly frustrating because there is nearly always one fascinating article or set of photos which I would love to have but I often cannot justify the cost for the rest of the content.

    I think I will be quite happy with FRM thank you.
  8. Heather Kay

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    Well, having read almost every one of the articles, and skimmed through the one that didn't really interest me, in the first issue, and I can say I approve.

    I think I shall subscribe.
  9. phileakins

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    My copy of FRMR dropped onto the doormat on Thursday, and it's not been far from my hand since.

    There's something for everyone, but I am particularly inspired by David Brandreth's Cordon build in so may ways, not least the soldering temperature tip (melting point x 2 + 25C) which I don't think I've ever seen published before. The build is real miniature engineering but written in such an open and engaging way that even I think that I can do it! Particularly useful as I'm struggling building the under-gear of an A2 tender (0 gauge (FS this time!)) Hopefully one day the end result will appear in the Shelf Queens thread the Guv started.

    Actually, now I think on it, FRMR is a bit like WT - Something for everyone with expert advice and encouragement on tap ......

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  10. eastsidepilot

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    I subscribed and received my first copy the day after.......liked the LED article, gonna need that on Bow Creek.
    Still buying MRJ as well.

  11. phileakins

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    Oh, and thanks to the Cordon article - I have been doing some modelling!!!!!

  12. adrian

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    The Cordon tank article was very good - a nice balance of text and photos with plenty of tips on building up the extra detailing was interesting.

    My copy dropped through the letter box just before we set off for Wales for a weekend holiday - it was a throughly enjoyable read. I thought it was a good mixture between technical stuff and artistic. I thought the iPhone photo's were very effective, I know on RMWeb the issue of photoshopping images is a contentious issue so it was nice to see the effects were done the old fashioned way "blow in the claggy murk courtesy of a cigar!"

    As good as the whole magazine was - my favourite without doubt was Buckingham Reborn. This was more than just an article, it was a wonderful story and great to see such an iconic layout back working as intended and not relegated to a dusty museum piece. If every issue has a narrative piece like this I'll be happy.

    As others have commented - I see this as complimentary to MRJ and not a direct competitor - which means 2 subscriptions for me now!


    [editor's note (in this case me!!)] I'm conscious that the original thread sparked off a discussion about the state of WT, please be assured that thread is still there in it's entirety - nothing has been deleted. As you can see from my comments above I enjoyed the magazine and thought it should have a dedicated thread. So all I have done is copy the magazine related posts to this thread and I'd appreciate it if we could stay some where close to on topic. Thanks!
  13. eastsidepilot

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    Agreed Adrian, :thumbs: I like the fact that it's colour photo's too.
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    Just received my copy of FRMR. Nice to see the late Rev Peter Dennys Buckingham Great Central .BUT along with MJR a lot of the Contributions have been covered by WT threads Perhaps there Should be another Rival periodical WT review ????

    Justifies this forums existence .
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    Hi does any one know when the next copy of finescale review will be available
    Just wondered :)
  16. lankytank

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    Hi John

    Wandering round Leigh show last Saturday, spotted issue 3 on Bill Hudson's stand.......
  17. oldravendale

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    I bought Issue 3 from Bill Hudson's stand at the York Show. It's maintaining quality and (for me) the most interesting article was a blow by blow account of stripping and cleaning air brushes. Nevertheless I'm not subscribing - yet.

    Some time ago I picked up some old copies of MRJ, some are early single figure issues and certainly issues which are at least 25 years old. What is noticeable to me, as a long time but now lapsed subscriber to MRJ, is that there is a certain "joie do vivre" to these early issues which is now missing from the magazine and they are still a great read even though the technology has changed enormously. It's very difficult to put one's finger on precisely why they are less enjoyable now - I thought it might be simple familiarity with the format which make it feel a bit stale, but I found the old versions of the same mag are, for me, a better read.

    At the end of the day it's all personal opinion. I hope that MRJ does not fold and will buy any issue which has content which stimulates me.

  18. Neil

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    I doubt that you're the only one to feel this way. There's a sense of pioneering about the early issues, of having to come up with one's own solutions; nowadays there's more of the application of standard, off the shelf components and techniques. A few weeks ago I was chatting to Simon about creativity and why it is that individuals tend to create their best art when they're young and struggling and it all goes off a bit when older and more comfortable. It's also noticeable in the world of preservation, railways in the early stages of restoration have a spirit about them which gets lost as they mature into solid, stable enterprises.
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  19. Simon

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    For information and from Bob's widow and family via Iain Rice today. Posted at their request.

    This explains the current situation with regard to "Finescale Review" and NG&IR.

    Bob Barlow’s Greystar Publications.

    Many of you will have heard the sad news of Bob Barlow’s sudden illness and subsequent death and will be wondering what is to become of the two quarterly magazines published under his newly-formed ‘Greystar’ imprint.

    The situation with the two titles is slightly different. Narrow Gauge and Industrial Modelling Review, which Bob took over from Roy Link in March 2012, has reverted to Roy’s control and will continue to be published in the same format, although the administrative arrangements will obviously change. But existing subscriptions will hold and there is no need for subscribers to do anything – apart from anyone who has not yet received issue 102, who should get in touch a.s.a.p. The RCL Publications books previously handled by Greystar will also be available through Roy. The new contact details are: Narrow Gauge & Industrial, Cambrian Forge, Garndolbenmaen, Gwynedd LL51 9RX. Tel: 01766 530784 (10am to 5pm only please).


    While NG & I was an existing publication, the Finescale Railway Modelling Review was an all-new title launched in September 2014. This means that it has not yet become established enough to survive without Bob’s input. With great reluctance, the decision has been made by Bob’s family to cease publication, so issue 3 will be the last.

    Although Roy Link was responsible for the design and layout and Tim Shackleton for a measure of editorial input, the Greystar operation was essentially Bob’s baby, which he ran on what was effectively a ‘sole trader’ basis. This, unfortunately, means that Greystar as a financial entity forms part of Bob’s estate and so is subject to probate. Until this is granted, the affairs of Greystar – including banking, stock and some data access – are frozen.

    All unconfirmed subscriptions and orders accompanied by cheques have been returned and payments made though PayPal refunded under the terms of PayPal’s operating rules. Further refunds will, regrettably, be dependent on probate, so may take some little while to process. Copies of the three published editions will be made available in due course once matters have been settled and while stocks last. Look out for details on-line and in the specialist press.

    Thank you to everyone who has sent messages of sympathy and support. Bob’s legacy will be the many contributions he made to the hobby as craftsman, author and editor, which we will happily still be able to enjoy and appreciate over the years to come.

    Iain Rice

    On behalf of Rowena Barlow

    Simon Castens
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    I understand that many of the subscriptions to both Finescale Review and NG&IRM Review have been set up in PayPal as recurring payments and, despite them being formally notified of Bob's death (twice), the payments are still automatically being taken. The best way to solve this is to log in and cancel using the following instructions (borrowed from another forum).
    Please spread the word.

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