Fred Phipps Class 22 Build

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by taliesin, 18 February 2013.

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    Thanks Rob
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    Looks great:cool:......even better when she is hauling your milk tanks:thumbs:

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    rosspeacock Modelling on a £1200 table.

    Looks fantastic.... and a +1 from me with Phill for the milk tanks..

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    Hi , I must add my congratulations on a lovely loco . Any chance of a pic with body off showing how you squeezed in the RC gubbins - hopefully this well help my efforts.
    Purely as aside my Dapol 63xx are all work of art.. Just becasue I can a spare body has been obtained and now has sealed front doors, headlamp and the headcode boxes blanked out -with a central marker light. Due to the "refurbishment!" inflicted in my parallel universe some doors sealed on the side along with a grill this allows a Regional Railways livery to be aflicted on the body. Now for a number 22 0xx or if fitted with ETS would it be a 22 4xx - it was lucky that trade so good in North Cornwall and Devon that the lines did not close and dmus could not cope with loadings so locos were retained with the independence given to Laira a number of the 63xx locos kept on going to just a few years ago!! - my excuse m`lord...
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    What an excellent parallel Universe you inhabit - is there room for one more inside it?


    Currently making up more track panels for my contribution to an alternative West Country railway history:p
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    Just read this thread with interest as I have this to build at some point in the future,


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    Hi Robert, good to see your still here. When i embarked on this i freely admitted that the world of sound cards, speed controllers etc were totally alien to me which is why i purchased a complete system from Peter Spoerer, he supplies a complete system plugged together assembled on a board you see so you can transplant the bits one by one with hopefully no unfortunate or expensive cock-ups.


    This first picture shows the speed controller and sound card mounted inside the roof using double sided tape, the type that uses velcro which is glued into the roof (obtainable from R/C shops). In the middle shows the speaker mounting, all rather black with the receiver attached to the bottom of it again by double sided tape. On the right is the battery pack.

    This next picture was taken to show more of the "other end" for clarity.


    The battery pack is again mounted inside the roof using the same D/S tape.
    It's actually all very belt and braces. Ideally i suppose i should shorten the wires but i just left them at the lengths Peter supplied. Really there is more than enough room to cram it in where you want so don't be too worried about it as it all goes in very easily. If you go back through this thread you should find some more detailed stuff about mounting the speaker etc.
    If i was going to do it all over again it might be that the speaker would be floor mounted and a smoke unit could blow through the exhaust instead, another possibility to consider.
    Recently i have taken delivery of a D800 kit from Fred which at this stage remains untouched, bl**dy milk tankers to finish first you see. I have ordered a Mac 5 and sound card from Brian Jones so will have to make my own wiring loom this time. As this is even bigger i am going to look into the possibility of having smoke unit(s) within, also i see Peter is now selling a small handheld 2.4G Transmitter, more possibilities. cheers Rob
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    Remarkable timing Warren, as you posted this i was writing that i had just recently taken delivery of one myself, cheers Rob
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    Went to a Garden Meeting today and took it along for the first real run in a complete state, she went very well and for once the volume seemed to be about right for the surroundings, only managed a couple of pictures though,



    The class 31 was scratch build in the 60's by a recently deceased G1MRA member which shows it wasn't all steam engines back then. I don't know if there has been any upgrading over the years but it really run well.
    All in all with the weather being kind it was a great day :), cheers Rob
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    :eek: whoever built that 31 had some skill !!! :bowdown: :thumbs:
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    Hi Rob
    Well done my M.A.N for finishing your first Fred Phipps kits, and a mighty sight D6322 makes, I can even make out that old BR lion and wheel emblem under the faded BR blue. The good news Rob, is by comparision Fred's Warship kits is far easier and quicker to build than his NBL type 2!
    I look foward to seeing D6322 in the future, are you attending Simon's Larkhill show again?
    Mr TV
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    Hi Steve, good to hear from you. Yes I intend to be at Larkrail with D6322, several steamers and a rolling road, cheers Rob
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    Saturday came and the weather was good, I ran her for a total of 45 mins with no drama at all.
    Nothing fell off and the new radio control worked perfectly to boot, below is a very short film taken on an i phone,

    next stop Reading this coming Saturday, cheers Rob
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    Hi Rob
    Looks like you had a good day out, good to hear D6322 worked with no faults being registered (Laira will be pleased).
    Rob you mentioned in your previous entries that you used Brian Hanson's glazing for your North Brit, how did you find using it? I was aware Brian did this as a test piece for Fred, Speaking with Brian at last years Thonbury show he advised that the original set made was slightly to large and need filling back. What was your set like? Did you have to do file back to make fit into the window aperture? Obviously I ask this as I will have to glaze my Class 29 shortly and I was hoping that by using Brian's glazing will save me the time and trouble of having to make my own as I have done for the rest of the Worcester Road fleet.
    Mr TV
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    In all honesty Steve most of the body was already glazed when I took it on although I had to re-glue some of them, I had to make one of the windscreens from scratch which wasn't too bad but I found making the small engine compartment windows a complete bu@@er so that's when I ordered a set from Brian. I have only used the windows that I have mentioned so cannot say how good the others are but even if they do need a bit of filing it's the way to go. Assuming you are not going to do the job in the next couple of months you are welcome to my spares to have a go first, I can bring them to Larkrail, TBH I don't begrudge the price of a stamp if you need them quicker, let me know, cheers Rob
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    Don't you mean "Laira will be amazed"....?? :) ;)

    Does look like a fun day, though!! Mustn't watch it again - I'll start thinking my O Scale is small... :oops: