Fusion 360 changes for Personal Use

Discussion in 'CAD Corner' started by ICH60, 21 September 2020.

  1. ICH60

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    It seems from 1st October there is changes to the functionality of the Personal User. For most users it will not be any different but there is one which is you can only have 10 active drawings. But it seems that it will not be brought in until the 19th Jan 21. You will be able still to recall your old drawings and edit them but it will be a little clunky
    Here is a web page from Fusion 360 that explains it in more detail

    Changes to Fusion 360 for Personal Use | Fusion 360 Blog

  2. Boyblunder

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    Ian, I’ve been trying to teach myself to use it for the last few months. Do you know if the changes will stop it creating exportable .stl fileS for 3D printing and G code for CAD milling? I read the email but don’t understand enough about the structure of Fusion360 to figure out the export restrictions. Today they are offering a 40% discount on subscriptions so we can all see the reason for the restrictions on private use, however £255 a year remains too much for me to justify paying out for what use I will get from it.
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    I had Fusion 360 but found it to complex, since the restrictions where announced I looked at what other free programs are available, I found FeeCAD, I have not explored all of its capabilities but it can export G code DXF and Stl files.

    Have a look it’s free

  4. ICH60

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    Boyblunder, You will still be able to produce .stl files for printing. I have no experience in G Code but it says that 2 and 3 axis milling will be still available.
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    Yes panic over thanks, Richard Carr who also reads much faster than I do confirms that the free version of Fusion 360 will continue to produce what we need. Last year the Love Lane team lost our source of the outstanding Solidworks so I bought TurboCAD Deluxe 2019 when it was reduced to £79 with the intention of learning to draw 3D models for the 3D printer in that. Being a bit of a slow learner it took several weeks of 2 hours a day following the tutorial to discover that "Deluxe" is missing some features vital for proper 3D modelling and TurboCAD Professional is what is needed, currently selling at £870! So beware, if you want a 3D modelling solution for hobby use don't buy TurboCAD unless its an old version of Professional from eBay. Fusion 360 seemed complicated and confusing to someone used to TurboCAD 2D at first but after about 10 hours of watching Youtube tutorials and playing I think it is really good. I did have a quick look at FreeCAD and it may be OK. I'll stick to Fusion 360 while its available.
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