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Discussion in 'Rules and Discussion' started by Steve Cook, 4 March 2018.

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    Traditionally, a group build is where one kit is selected and built by various members to a timescale, the end results then being posted to show off a variety in building and finishing skills.

    The primary aim is always one of encouragement and participation, with people sharing building, research, ideas and materials. It offers a useful comparative exercise whilst encouraging people to hit the end result.

    Unfortunately, the one kit approach does not fit our forum - we have a principle interest in Railways, but that is spread over numerous scales, gauges and prototypes - hitting one thing that can appeal to a large number of modellers is basically impossible.

    To that end, the group builds suggested will range from the specific to the broad - its not going to be possible to please everybody all the time, but its hoped that mixing it up a bit will cover a reasonable number of bases.

    The builds themselves are not intended to be massive projects - single items to be built over a period somewhere between 10 and 20 weeks, based on the subject. Plan on two builds a year with some time off in between - either to catch ones breath, or catch up on the finishing off of the last project :)

    I would like to provide some form of schedule so people can see what is coming up next, it makes it easier to source components or materials and means that when sitting out one build, things can be prepared for future builds.

    Whilst the subject will remain as 'Railways', I'd like to open the circumstances out from just rolling stock, to include small buildings, track, road vehicles etc. Ideas that I'm kicking around are (in no particular order):

    16Ton Mineral Wagon Bash
    Detail and Weather a RTR Coach (or one you've already built)
    Display Track
    Plate Layers Hut (or equivalent)
    Tank Wagon
    Bogie Stock
    Box Van
    Buffer Stop
    3 Plank Wagon
    Livestock Wagon (Horse, cow etc)
    Engineering Wagon
    Externally Framed Stock (wagon, brake van etc)
    Railway related vehicle

    If you have any ideas, feel free to post them here or get in contact with any of the Flying Squad - we'll be keeping a record in the Admin Area.
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  2. Neil

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    Like the advance notice, good for those who don't have anything suitable for the ongoing build but who might have a stab once a different project takes its turn.
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    Hi Peeps :thumbs:

    Does that mean guys who are good at building say, a wagon, should construct a building ?. Something that is different for them. Now that would be interesting.

    Steve :cool:
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