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Discussion in 'Resources' started by bogusman, 5 November 2011.

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    Hi Guys
    At Wycrail exhibition I came across hedgerow scenics run by Rob Spendelow and had a close look at his grass matting material all I can say its the best representation of rough grass I have seen. All I can say is make a note of his website and look at the product yourself ( at present it is still under construction). I talked to Chris Nevard at the show who was there with Catcott Burtle and asked his opinion and the feedback from him was quite positive. Although it is not cheap it far out strips carpet underlay and teddy bear fur which to my eyes needs alot of trimming to get a decent effect. Depending how much you require Rob may be able to adjust the price of the product. I really hope Rob is successful in this venture as he is very enthusiastic for what he is trying to do and seems a really nice guy.