Trade Heljan OO Class45/1 Release

Discussion in 'Resources' started by PMP, 31 May 2019.

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    Heljan announce today the 45/1 in 4mm OO, due for release 2020, a bit more info on my blog for those interested, what is clear is that the manufacturers are still interested in tooling new models in that core BR 'D&E' era.
    45100 – BR green D31
    45101 – BR green D57 with small yellow panels
    45104 – BR blue 64 Coldstream Guardsman with full yellow ends
    45106 – BR green D65 Grenadier Guardsman with small yellow panels (Rails of Sheffield exclusive)
    45300 – BR blue 45003 with full yellow ends
    45304 – BR blue 45033 ‘Sirius’ with full yellow ends and Tinsley names WEATHERED
    45305 – BR blue 45060 Sherwood Forester with full yellow ends (Rails of Sheffield exclusive)
    45402 – BR blue 45133 with full yellow ends
    45500 – BR blue 45110 ‘Medusa’ with full yellow ends and Tinsley names WEATHERED (Kernow Model Rail Centre exclusive)
    45501 – BR ‘railtour’ green 45106 with full yellow ends, Tinsley diamond plaques and square headlight
    45502 – BR blue 45118 with full yellow ends, orange cantrail stripes and square headlight

    Heljan OO Class 45/1
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    Yay, Hallelujah!
    A truly iconic diesel for me. I always admired HJs 7mm version and this looks to be even better.
    I understand that the Barwell team are also revisiting their version? Which I also love so it will be good to be able to see how another maker tackles it.
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    I wonder if Heljan’s tendency of announcing announcements allowed Bachmann to steal their thunder this time? Plenty of people online ordered the Bachmann version yesterday.
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    A 7mm version of that would be nice...
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    I'd be tempted by 45133 in blue... wouldn't say I've driven it but I have moved it and worked on it ;)