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    For the 4mm Green and Blue fans some interesting news, Heljan are to produce class 25's in 4mm scale

    Info sent to me by Heljan indicate ten versions have been selected, covering a broad cross-section of BR green, BR blue and special liveries and offering a choice of London Midland, Scottish and Western Region prototypes from the mid-1960s to the late-1980s.

    The model represents the final development of the 478 Derby/Sulzer Type 2s, which started with Class 24 in the late-1950s. Our model will cover the D5238-99 and D7500-D7677 batches, built by Derby Works and Beyer, Peacock of Manchester between December 1963 and April 1967.


    2530 – BR two-tone green D7645 with small yellow panels

    2531 – BR two-tone green D5244 with small yellow panels - WEATHERED

    2532 – BR two-tone green D7550 with full yellow ends and BR blue data panel

    2533 – BR early blue D7661 with small yellow panels

    2534 – BR rail blue D7667 with full yellow ends (twin double arrows – 1,000th loco built at Derby Works)

    2535 – BR rail blue 25252 (LMR) with full yellow ends (single, central double arrows) and headcode panel still in place

    2536 – BR rail blue 25155 (WR) with full yellow ends (single, central double arrows) and headcode panel still in place- WEATHERED

    2537 – BR Rail Blue 25093 (ScR/LMR) with bodyside numbers (single, centrally placed double arrows) and ‘domino’ headcodes

    2538 – BR 25912 Tamworth Castle ‘Ice Cream Van’ livery with silver roof

    2539 – BR Special two-tone green D7672 Tamworth Castle

    2540 – BR blue/grey ETHEL1 ADB97250

    2541 – InterCity ETHEL3 ADB97252

    Release the Hounds of Froth!..
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    Well they enter this area knowingly.
    The standard for the 24's has been set so they know what is expected.
    A decent, quality 25/3 would be a very popular beastie.
    And I agree about all the frothing to, let us wait patiently for the first prototype to appear.....
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    I recently sold all my Bachmann 24s and 25s as although they were way more detailed than the Hornby 25 they never quite looked right to me.

    Living by the MML growing up, class 45s and 25s are always going to be my favourite diesels so decent models of either will always be of interest, but as I don't do wish-lists or have any intention of buying this model I show this interest from a purely nostalgic pov :rolleyes:
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    I find this quite interesting and have actually become excited!
    As CJD says, class 25s and 45s were always firm favourites with me, an ex-Derby boy.
    Now, if Heljan make a success of this, I wonder if they may deign to turn the shrink ray on their 45?
    I never thought I'd get nostalgic for BR blue.