Hello from Kent


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Hi everyone,
Just joined up.

I model in 7mm, BR (W) and BR (S) being my main interests, just about to go up into the loft for my layout.
Space available will be around 16' by 2' to 3' widthwise. Terminus to fiddle type affair.
At the momement I'm leaning toward an unkempt branch with a creamery, mid to late 70's.
Think Hemyock with a twist.

Currently have a large collection of Dapol and Heljan boxes but no track laid yet.... might be a familiar scenario with some...

Hopefully I will be more prolific on here than I was on the other channel.



Evening Gene,

glad to see another 7mm modeller on here from the Garden of England. Look forward to seeing the progress!



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Hi Gene, welcome to WT from yet another Man of Kent (in exile) as Heather said, lots of pictures are pour currency.




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I’ve been here in Sandgate for 27 years, having previously oscillated around the country, originating not far at all from Mike’s current location, and not counting 3 years in India, and quite a lot of time around Europe & the US.

I rather like it, at least as much as, and probably more than, anywhere else I’ve lived in the UK.

John Bradshaw

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Hello!! I used to spend quite a lot of time around the Isle of Grain when there was a big power station cluster down there. I was always struck by the difference between the two halves of Kent, but I always liked it.