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    Hi All,

    I got back into railway modelling a few years ago thinking it would be a way to allocate a bit of time to things that had no purpose other than to please me. It's turned out to be a very sociable move, more than I expected, and by joining various groups and participating I've had a lot of fun so far and learned a lot.

    I'm interested in all aspects of railways, without any historical restriction though I guess plateways have a limited appeal (possibly as it's harder to make a motorised model horse than a machine with wheels?). Railways are a focal point to look at all kinds of other things from engineering to economics, electronics to social history, whatever. As a Brit I have more knowledge of Great Britain and Western Europe, but everywhere there were and are interesting railway things to find out about.

    In modelling terms I'm experienced with plastic kits and with fixing up poorly ready-to-run stuff. I've done a bit of detailing and repainting and replacing crappy wheels. I've built a small amount of track in EM and faffed and fudged with the Tillig Elite turnout kits (they seem to work OK, phew). Looking forwards what I am enjoying is working with other materials like whitemetal and brass, and trying to get my head around CAD. I'm also starting to explore the possibilities of gauge 1, as well as the familiar 1:76 (EM) and 1:87 (NEM H0/RP25 wheel profile).

    Current projects? All over the place.

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    Welcome Ben.
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    Welcome Ben,

    I particularly look forward to seeing how you get on with Gauge 1 :D.
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    Thanks! To ease myself in I have a Slater's wagon to build. It seems that, unlike in small scales where you have to assemble the chassis, floor, sides and ends, in G1 that's all done for you – something of a surprise ;-) But it wasn't the prototype or really the kit at all that I bought it for, rather to get a handle on the size and feel of the running gear, wheels, couplings, buffers; to look at the way they are made, and the balance of detail and robustness.

    I am looking around for suppliers of bits and I am not sure I have cracked that yet. Where the ready-made parts end and total scratchbuilding starts will tell me a lot more about my chances, I think.
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    Have a look on the G1MRA website for a list of suppliers. Some have websites and others only appear at shows, which sadly are on hold.

    There are a lot of helpfull people on here and there's also a Facebook page if you do that sort of thing. Then there's the 3D printing group and the Forum. Plenty of help when you need it.

    All the best,