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    With the very kind permission of Adrian ( flying squad ) I'd like to announce my new venture " Highlander Models Ltd ".

    Highlander Models Ltd is a new venture just formed as of 9th February 2019 which has recently taken over the former Steve Beattie range of 7mm diesel kits. Steve Beattie continues to trade but will be consentrating on road vehicles, his engine range and other product developments in Gauge 1 and 3. I wish him the best of luck with his remaining ranges.

    With the above in mind, the complete range of former Steve Beattie 7mm diesel locomotives have been withdrawn from the market whilst they undergo various changes / revisions / updates.

    It is my intention to revisit the whole range and reintroduce them once the various amendments and rework have been undertaken. During this exercise, many of these kits will undergo test builds in order to proof and satisfy the design changes being made as part of the upgrades.

    As part of the " revisit " to the design, all small casting parts and other larger parts previously produced in plastic or 3d printed materials shall be redone in either printed resin, white metal or lost wax. The main body etches and miscellaneous parts previously etched in brass will remain in the same medium. Some etches, possibly bogie etches may be changed to nickel silver.

    The instructions shall also undergo scrutiny and will be supplemented with more explanations, postures and CAD design screen shots in a bid to aid the builder further and provide further clarification.

    The reintroduction will be of a phased nature over the next 6 to 8 months. I should have a more accurate idea once I get the first few underway and determine the extent of the revisions required.

    I have commenced the portfolio with the introduction of a brand new class 26 and class 27 design which is well in progress as we speak. On completion of these, it will be the revision of the Class 24 and 25 which should start sometime within the next few weeks. After these, the Class 21 / 22 shall be visited for revisions and running parallel to that, a further new addition will be underway ( possibly starting in may ) with the introduction of a Class 37 with a possible choice of variants.

    As far as the order of the reintroduction of the rest of the existing portfolio goes, there will be more news released as decisions are made. Any popular requests for any particular class will be taken into consideration as folks make their wishes known.

    As each class is released, accessory ranges offering for example, grilles, complete bogies and various castings etc shall become available to provide an option for people who may have other kits or RTR versions the opportunity to detail their locomotives. I will be open to any suggestions / requests where viable.

    I hope the above will be of interest and by all means feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I'll do my best to answer them. For anyone wanting more information on current test builds, I have my proof builder Paul Brookes untertaking construction updates on the 26 / 27 on my own forum feel free to visit.

    Once again, many thanks for being permitted to raise the above news here on Western Thunder.


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    My apologies,

    I forgot to mention that a website is also being constructed and once sufficiently progressed, shall be opened to the public. New product availability will be updated regularly with information on current stock levels and future releases.

    Thanks again