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    A bit of a shock when this arrived today for the usual treatment (varnishing to lift the green). I googled to see when Hornby Hobbies revived the old Hornby Dublo trading name, but it came up with nothing.

    Interesting and rather nostalgic for a chap of my age. I had an early 1950's HD 'Duchess of Montrose' in BR green and a second hand pre-war 'Duchess of Athol' in maroon.

    WEB Hornby Dublo revival.jpg
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  2. LarryG

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    Several light waft overs with much diluted clear cellulose has darkened the original chalky green and reduced the contrast between the boiler bands and the green...
    WEB Duchess 4.jpg

    This image taken indoors shows better the amount of added gloss to the original matt finish. To forestall a question, no it isn't for Llanfair Road...:D While matt suits many model locomotives, if I had a Duchess on my layout I would want it to look impressively shiny as befits a prestige locomotive...
    WEB Duchess 3.jpg
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    Hornby used this 'retro' packaging for their 2020 centenary range. As well as the old red Tri-ang, red Rovex and later red/yellow Tri-ang HORNBY style packaging before adopting Hornby.

    Hornby celebrates its FIRST 100 YEARS
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  4. LarryG

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    I'm grateful to you for this, as I was beginning to think I had drawn a blank. I have to fitted the extras so I hope the packaging doesn't break them off afterwards...

    WEB Duchess 5.jpg
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  5. Well done Larry takes me back more years than will say
    the Duchess looks first class love it .

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