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  1. Steve Cook

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    I have a deliberate space on my garden line for a platelayers hut.

    Hut Location.JPG

    What I'd like to do is model a GWR wooden hut with smoke coming out of the chimney and light showing around the edges of a closed door, a sharpening stone outside, a ballast bin and an old drum rusting away whilst stacked full of junk / old bits of wood.

    Unfortunately, I can't seem to track down any drawings of a GWR hut - I've been through my GWR books (Tanat Valley, Culm Valley, Stephen Williams 3 part treaty and the New Radnor Branch etc) and come up blank. An internet search has provided links to:

    A Great Central Railway version

    and a Midland Railway version Plate Layers Hut.jpg

    Does anybody know of any plans on the internet for a GWR Platelayers Hut? Failing that, any recommendations for book purchases? Eric Plans has cropped up as potentially useful so I'll try to track a copy down of that. I guess the topic could be expanded to huts from any region or company, or indeed any kind of hut (concrete, corrugated iron, lamp etc etc) and build up into an easy access resource for quick (ha ha) modelling projects.
    Thanks in advance
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    Knowing how WTers can introduce topics of wide and varied interest I approached this thread in the expectation of a walk along the promenade at a sunny south sea-side location... Bournemouth West would seem to be appropriate. What do I get? a bothy for the ganger! Ah well, the modelling is going to be on the button so visits shall be frequent.

    I have EricPlans here somewhere if you wish me to look through the booklet. Barking has a copy of GWR Architecture on the shelves of the Kennel Library and that may contain something of relevance.

    regards, Graham
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  3. Neil

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    There were a series of drawings and articles on building GWR structures in the Modeller (late 70s, early 80s) which included the platelayers hut from (I think) Maiden Newton. I've also been told that the 4mm Cooper craft hut is a GWR pattern one, so if you draw a complete blank you could always scale up. I'm afraid that a check of my library has drawn a blank.
  4. Steve Cook

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    Just to diminish the disappointment Graham, have some beach huts from somewhere on the south coast, albeit at Christmas and with no sun :)

    Beach Huts.JPG

    Yes please :) Could you confirm that the booklet has drawings of the platelayers huts at Dunster and Andoversford please? If they do have the drawings, are they dimensioned or just drawn to scale?

    Thanks Graham, appreciated.

    Thanks for looking and the heads up Neil :) I've enjoyed browsing through my book collection, I have more GWR ones than I thought :oops: Happily distracted for a Bank Holiday weekend...

  5. daifly

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    Ericplans GWR & LMS has a Platelayers hut drawing. I'll scan and PM it to you shortly.


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  6. Steve Cook

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    Thanks Dave :thumbs:
  7. Steve Cook

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    Drawings for Dunster platelayers hut have landed - marvellous :)
    Time to start scaling them up...
  8. ZiderHead

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  9. Simon

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    I like that concrete version, I'd not noticed anything like that before, despite having been on the WSR a few times.

    My vote is for the pitched roof timber type in Ziderhead's picture, these were used on the Camerton Branch and Cheddar Valley lines.

    If you watch the Titfield Thunderbolt there is a stonking view of the hut at Monkton Combe Station when the two clerical gents steam out of Titfield on the final run on "Thunderbolt".

    I modelled one in 4mm, I guesstimated everything from photos, it would be interesting to compare what I made with your drawing if it's of the same type.


  10. daifly

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    That concrete horror looks like those Banbury/Marley prefab garages that were so common in the 60s. My preference would be for a timber built one with a nice corrugated iron roof. Very rustic.
  11. ZiderHead

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    yup, all the '30s semis near me have those garages with the corrugated concrete/asbestos shingle roofs. I prefer the concrete hut, but then I quite like the ugly/purposeful side of the railways rather than the pretty which is most commonly modelled. thats just me though :)
  12. Dog Star

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    Ericmodels Planbook
    Railway Buildings and Structures
    Book 1 GWR

    has drawings of a sleeper built PW hut from Andoversford, a 4mm scale drawing, no dimensions. Similarly for a wriggly tin hut at Dunster.

    A Pictorial Record of GW Architecture
    A Vaughan, OPC

    has photos of PW huts at Box, Aynho, Clinker Road (rubble stone), Bradford on Avon. No drawings.

    regards, Graham
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  13. Steve Cook

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    You're a gentleman, thank you very much :)

    And a very nice job you made of it too :thumbs: Its a similar type to the Dunster one with the brick built chimney at the rear Simon, footprint of 12' x 9' if that helps...

    Thanks for the WSR link / photos Jon, there are some good reference photos in amongst that lot

  14. taliesin

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    I believe there is a range of kits covering various huts which sometimes appear on ebay from lazer cut wood, pretty certain that there is a GWR one, cheers Rob

    just had a look, ebay item 370768379511
  15. Steve Cook

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    Cheers Rob, good spot :)
  16. taliesin

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    oh dear, i have succumbed and purchased one for myself, more to do now, cheers Rob