Trade ICI Alkali 44.5 ton Limestone Bogie Hopper Wagon

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    Signature Kits are pleased to announce a new 7MM "O" Gauge kit to go with both steam and diesel traction that reflects the lime stone traffic from the Peak District Quarries to the ICI works at Northwich. The kit will be offered in both kit form and or ready to run. The kit can be detailed in both the steam era 1936 - 1968 and the diesel era post 1968 to 1992 so it offers the modeller of the modern era of BR plenty of scope. The kits will be complete with all wheels and transfer for the appropriate era chosen by the customer and we offer a weathering service if required as part of the ready to run service being offered.

    All enquiries to be directed please to either

    John Firminger


    Iain Gould


    Iain Gould
    Marketing Manager
    Signature Kits

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    For those who are tempted to ask, a similar post to RMWeb notes that the model is to 7mm scale.
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    Scale 7 compatible?
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    I am sure that it can be made compatible for use on Scale 7 with the required wheels so I would say its something we can discuss further if you are interested.
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    Iain, I am the Trade Liaison Officer for the Scaleseven Group so I shall be delighted to assist you if you are interested to find out what is required to have bogies which are capable of taking S7 wheelsets. Please contact me through the Scaleseven Group website, here.
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    Please be advised that Signature Kits will be present at O Scale North West this coming Saturday we will have the prototype wagon on the Tower Collections Stand please come along and say Hi and examine the real thing.
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    Signature Kits will be present at Guildex at the end of the month we now have two version of the wagon available for viewing and review both weathered and unweathered we have also revised the pricing for the RTR versions and the discounts available for rakes of 8 wagons and above.
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    Please be advisd of the latest build review for the Signature Kits ICI Hopper Wagon as detailed below:-
    Signature Kits PHV Hopper (

    This has been undertaken by a member of the MIOG Group. It provides a very detailed overview of the build so people can see the work involved in the construction of this kit.

    Kind regards

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