4mm Llanfair Rd

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  1. paulc

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    Hi Larry , lovely job as usual . Can i ask , do you airbrush the sides of the rail or just a brush by hand ?
    I ask as i am almost at that point but have never painted the side of the track on previous layouts .
    Cheers Paul
  2. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    I brush Rusty Rails paint on.
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  3. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Cork trackbed was cut away between the track and bevelled before gluing ballast to it. Ground 'cover' is grey cellulose brushed on and then weathered with the spraygun while weathering the track. The base of the water tank legs were weathered too...

    WEB Tracklay 13A.jpg

    The bevelled edge to the running line continies around the curve now. Once again, the cess is grey paint weathered with the colour I use on coach and wagon underframes...
    WEB Tracklay 13B.jpg
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  4. Andy P

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    Hi Larry You asked about my 4mm Layout, its Bute Road, Cornish based in todays era, its very much work in progress, but here are a couple of shots, with added artist impression of how I want it to look.
    In the first, think of Cockwood Harbour in Devon. UIMG_5869.JPG IMG_5882 - Copy.JPG
  5. NHY 581

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    That was a bit bright this morning Andy.

    On a positive, at least the loco matches the grass. Quite coordinated in fact.

  6. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    I had two more goes at the ground cover under the water tank before using ballast. It fits in with the rest of the area and keeps the layout looking bright....

    WEB Test colours 6.jpg

    One outcome was to use a much lighter grey for the drainage cess and then tint it with rust colour.
    WEB Test colours 5.jpg

    Corwen, not a million miles away from the place I am modelling, and an Oswestry-based loco that worked the Llanfyllin branch...
    WEB Llangollen line 3.jpg
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  7. Mike Garwood

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    You can do the ground work on Hengoed anytime...wonderful stuff.

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  8. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Okay thanks Mike. It's the spraygun that makes the difference., but carrying the "portable" compressor across the lawn isn't recommended on a regular basis.

    I wanted some neat GWR buffer stops, but hit the buffers with one manufacturer only producing 7mm (and why not) while another website left me in the dark as how to place an order. Peco get the business as usual.
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  9. Yorkshire Dave

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  10. AJC

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  11. LarryG

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    Thanks Dave and Adam. I recognised the Lanarkshire page and so I checked my statements. I had ordered from Lanarkshire models after all. Old age thing...! Sorreee. :(
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  12. LarryG

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    Doing bits here and there hardly shows and so I envy those with small dioramas. A cattle dock with its muck spreading tendencies is well placed for growing things. BR had tipped in ballast after attending to the drainage but you can't keep a good grass down...
    WEB Tracklay 14B.jpg

    Bedding in the goods shed...
    WEB Tracklay 14C.jpg
  13. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    Fitted point rodding this afternoon to manually activate the turnouts...

    WEB Points 4B.jpg

    Round brass rod was soldered to the point end. The other end was looped and soldered shut. Peco nails are rodding guides...
    WEB Points 1.jpg

    All nine points activated. The ends at the baseboard edge will be hidden under shallow embankment eventually. Still to be fitted are electrical changeover switches to change frog polarity...
    WEB Points 4.jpg
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  14. Phil O

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    Some of our older club layouts used double pole slide switches, with a hole drilled through it to activate the turnout and change the polarity. we started off drilling the hole along the axis of the switch and using BA nuts on the wire to set the turnout throw and then drilled the hole across the switch and introduced a rough and ready omega loop into the actuating wire, at the switch end.
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  15. simond

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    I’ve seen that before, it works well, and ensures switch and blades Move together.

    it fits the KISS philosophy!

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  16. LarryG

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    I'm past messing around in cold sheds.
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  17. simond

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    I sympathise. I’m younger, yet have very little motivation to go out to the garage & do stuff this afternoon.

    It seems we have autumn already, despite the disappointing lack of summer…

    despite which, Phil’s suggestion is a good one.
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    Just tuck ya vest in your pants Larry it'll keep your back warm !
    (Mother always knew best !!! )
  19. GrahameH

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    Time well spent Larry and looking rather atmospheric even without any buildings.
  20. LarryG

    LarryG Western Thunderer

    What I found was if track is laid in new clean ballast, it is easily weathered with a spraygun to whatever condition we want afterwards. It's like painting a loco ex works before weathering it. When I think back six years or more to when I used dark brown ballast everywhere, it was small wonder my layouts looked terribly depressing.:)
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