Loco stolen at expo EM

Discussion in 'EM/S4 & S scale' started by Jim smith-wright, 19 September 2016.

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    Posted with permission

    I would appreciate it if you could keep your eyes open for my GER Coffee pot which was nicked from my stand at Expo EM North on Sunday 18th Sept.

    The model was built from one of my kits and to anyone who knows anything about models it would be fairly easily recognisable - it’s a fully etched kit with every conceivable detail. I’ve haven’t sold a lot of them and even fewer will have been built so it’ll be pretty rare. It was built to P4 gauge, numbered 227 and even the GER decals weren’t that easy to get hold of so, considering all the above, it might be the only one like that in existence.

    If this was stolen to order, or by an enthusiast then they’re going to have to keep this model out of sight of any other P4 or EM modellers. The thief also stole the identification card from the stand which, at first I thought this was some sort of sick way of twisting the knife, but now wonder if it might be because they were an opportunist with no idea of what it actually and so took the card so they could quote it when moving the model on. For this reason, I would think internet selling places like EBay might be where it‘ll end up.

    On the same day a Flat Iron loco in EM gauge was also stolen. Like My Y5, this had great sentimental value to its owner and was irreplaceable. If the two engines are offered together then it’ll be a dead giveaway.

    Please, spread the word and keep your eyes peeled. The Police have been informed, but if you know anything contact me at chris@highlevelkits.co.uk.
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    Hope you get them back...

    Does make you think about leaving stock out on display at shows...

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    That's bad news Jim, but I hope there is a happy outcome.


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    There is some ambiguity here: Jim is posting a message originally posted by Chris Gibbon of High Level kits. There's an image and further details here - Thief at EM North - Kitbuilding & Scratchbuilding

    In all, two locos appear to have been stolen from the same show, Expo EM North in Davyhulme, Manchester. This probably isn't a record, but should the whereabouts of any of these come to your attention, Chris (and the police) would be interested to hear from you.

    It's worth noting that Mike Edge lost a loco from his display at the Manchester Show three years ago: Judith Edge kits - Page 8 - Smaller Suppliers This may just be coincidence, of course.

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    Unfortunately there are tealeaves everywhere even in our small society.
    In the early 70s I had a scratch built G&SWR loco stolen off our layout at the Glasgow show. It has never surfaced yet!
  6. iak63

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    There is no such thing as coincidence sometimes sadly.
    Very upsetting to hear about these thefts, I was a visitor to the show and this rather spoils things as someone has taken advantage of other people's hard work and commitment to the hobby.
    I trust that the culprits are found and suitably dealt with..
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    Tea leaves !.......table, strap, and hammer...that's how we used to deal with 'em.:)