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    Hello all.

    I have a closet interest in London Transport (Met Railway), particularly the loco hauled "Dreadnought" stock (I have five vehicles) and the electric locos (I have one to build). My difficulty is the lack of transfers for these vehicles, both the London TransporT logo and the loco and rolling stock numbers. There's no problem with the lining of the locos which I can do by hand. I know that Radley can provide transfers but I'm sorry to say that they are not "right". (I also have a Fairburn tank to build which hauled the trains beyond Rickmansworth for a few years but that's no problem as the BR transfers are easily available.)

    Being basically a lazy b***er person I don't particularly want to make a special trip to the LT Museum in order to measure and photograph these details, but I guess I may have to unless someone on this group knows of a source - or does someone have dimensioned drawings or photos?

    I'll be very grateful for any help with this. I've involved the HMRS Met Railway Steward but that hasn't come up with anything. I know that Transport for London are protective of this trademark and that may be the reason for the absence of available transfers.

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    Try contacting Ken deGroome 01945 870060 , he produces some superb Met kits and knows every thing there is to do with the Met.
    His advert is at the top of page 91 of the latest Guild Gazette.

  3. oldravendale

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    I appreciate the thought, Col, but Ken has asked me to let him know if I can trace any! He's certainly a mine of information, but not regarding the LT transfers.

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    Some time ago, to letter an LT Bo-bo, we acquired suitable London Transport lettering from Peter Blackham,

    He produces a rub-down transfer, akin to Letraset. The results are very good, but I note he doesn't currently list LT transfers in his catalogue - which doesn't mean he won't make them as a special job.
  5. oldravendale

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    Hi Heather.

    That's great news! I'll follow up. As one of the vehicles I have to detail will be an ex-Met Bo Bo it sounds as though they'll do the job.

    Best regards.

  6. Arun

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    Brian - Fox do a 7mm LT underlined fleetname with black surrounding gold. It is 37mm long overall. They also do 7mm gold trolleybus fleet numbers which should be the same size as for Dreadnoughts.
    The reason I know this is because I had Fox make them for the K3 trolleybus I designed for Radley Models. Phil Radley's normal LT transfers were made by Modelmaster.

    Because they were a bespoke item, my decal sheets don't have a Fox part number on them but they may well exist in their on-line catalogue now. Failing that, give them a ring. If that fails, I can supply some as I have a few spares.
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    Did you find some somewhere at some time?

  8. oldravendale

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    Thanks Arun. I need to go in to my workshop to check but I believe I have the required transfers via a friendly face on WT.:)

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    Ahem, let me know if you require further numerals. ;)
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    Thank you Dave. Yes indeed, you were he friendly face I was thinking of.

    I think I'm OK for numerals but appreciate the offer. I'll really have to start work on the kit...... These photos on which I've been working have eaten all my spare time, so I think I'll just have to put them aside for a few weeks.