4mm Meldon Quarry

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    Been pondering a little micro layout while work commences on my train room! I’ve gathered some info and even made up the platform sign

    So workbench gone most materials packed away hopefully work on the room will be done by Christmas it’s only a tart up but there’s also a bathroom floor to lay and a sewing room to tart up for Mrs Ade, Both kids left home now and these were once their bedrooms.

    So wanting a bit of 009 and 00 as my long term project Barnstaple Quay will have, this short term two tier is what currently is in favour.

    The inspirational photos I came across. By Richard Watts Link


    The former engine shed with blocked up doors in the mid distance would be one end and maybe an exit view block behind it.

    Then there is this building behind the camera above for a visual block the opposite end if needed.


    Plenty of inspiration around the place simple track layout, my collection of photos Here

    Having a mess around with some bits to hand.

    A36F395C-AE3A-4E60-8AA0-CD28D019C400.jpeg CBA045EB-AA2A-4D6A-9C92-BD0F4034DDB5.jpeg
    What I have there would all need to be moved forward towards the camera. Might lay some track out think about a fiddle stick next.

    Then the next bit would be a fictional quarry face above the platform on the none prototype side with a 009 chuffing along a ledge.

    Until next time.


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  2. AdeMoore

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    Might get some track out tomorrow, but deciding which of my boards to use the one above is 44 cm wide, I do have a wider one haven’t put the tape on that on that as it’s buried in the back of the garage.

    I need a track plan but can seem to locate a decent photo.

    in this photo is kind of thing.

    Shed Photo

    In the link photo above the viewing side would be to the right of the photo as you look at it i.e. quarry side.

    so not the 3 tracks between the shed and the platform, left of photo as you look at it but perhaps 2.

    The shed road itself and a head shunt/wagon storage right of the shed. The loaded wagons would be coming in here ideally but at the front it wouldn’t be great so the would come in behind the shed as entry to the scenic section would be hidden.
    I do have a wider one haven’t put the tape on that on that as it’s buried in the back of the garage.

    26CEA231-F3F0-4C81-879D-DDD0406E8A2B.jpeg 0BE97960-8CD3-4592-8E77-A9A9EFF597F3.jpeg

    Above a a more modern day image with the engine shed entrance blocked up. So squash the width platform to shed add a three way point or stagger two RH points to suit to regain what was the shed road.


    Then a set of points for engine release if room.

    Then our old friend the original photo again. So head shunt right platform road left. Which my go off scene or stick in another set of buffers.

    The shed by Google measure is 23ft wide so 92mm add 3 tracks 150mm and the platform width plus a bit for curves 50mm call it 300mm does that seem right?

    140mm left for the narrow gauge behind and above the platform.

    I’ve got somewhat further than this I’ll post more tomorrow evening.
    Cheers .

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    As part of my undergraduate training we had a field trip to Meldon around 1964/5 when it was up and running. A geologist’s dream location with lots of mineral specimens to be found. In those days no hard hats were necessary, they considered geology students to be hard headed anyway!

    Good luck with your new project!

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  4. AdeMoore

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    Cheers Paul.
  5. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    So ripped up what was on the old board for a look if things would fit.
    Knocked up a scale representation of the loco shed, off my Google measurements so probably out a bit.


    Looks like I have 140mm behind the platform for the quarry face, the 009 will only work then with a dog bone shape layout to 6 inch radius curves.

    Obviously those are large points I will need small ones

    Obviously those are large points need small ones

    I’ve just had a thought looking now I should swing the left hand end closer to the front just enough for the building that end. Give a bit more room at the back,

    I’ll have another look tomorrow see the footprint of the other building.and put some height at the back and see if it’s feasible.

    Cheers let me know your thoughts
  6. AdeMoore

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    5A1D6FEC-F3FA-4AA2-A30D-BBB68B29D5F1.jpeg D1A352A9-0C5F-4C6D-AF7C-B26E5CBF5BC8.jpeg

    “Can you tell what it is yet!” Perhaps that saying isn’t PC anymore after his sentence..

    So on that tantalising bombshell I’ll leave you to work it out!

    Until next time.


    P.S. it won’t be prototypical for a quarry.
  7. AJC

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    A Minitrix Ivatt 2ish? Grandfather of - seemingly - half the 009 steamers in creation? That doesn't narrow the field!

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  8. AdeMoore

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    Indeed Adam,
    But the wheel arrangement would and very much in Devon!
    With my layout of a lifetime project moving very slowly I do need a L&B Manning Wardle.
    Bought an old kit probably wants some work but way less money than a Heljan one!
    So with a little narrow gauge cameo planned here why not head in that direction!

    058421B2-17D1-4C6D-9C5C-2AFBCEF56CA5.jpeg 2B0DE935-1DE2-4177-AF4F-77A6ECEA104E.jpeg

    Wish me luck.
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  9. AdeMoore

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    So day afore yesterday I also missed a line, I was hoping for 2 between shed and platform and I think they go in.

    I picked up a point (no research just the smallest e frog they had a SL-E91 and some 009 Mainline track at Signals today no connection just a happy customer.

    Mocked up the left hand building, Any problems you can see?

    474AC5A8-CAAB-4FA1-A822-80F266999D21.jpeg FF195707-7D38-4DA4-982B-7966F288A262.jpeg

    Below the 009 would have the rear line hidden, kind of like the box lid indicates then hopefully a 6 inch radius each end partly hidden

    6237860E-4F8D-4EE2-9EE7-F5EB4A011E50.jpeg 847C90B4-D568-4F49-8F6B-CA4C59852CED.jpeg 0C7ADCFF-9E12-4FB6-96FA-9F93B50595BF.jpeg FDC18159-AA97-42C1-A1FE-0B6E3E74C432.jpeg 0C266503-28F4-4B1C-B007-D8B5A5EEF413.jpeg 407F5880-C39F-4623-A1ED-5AA8098D5049.jpeg 217656D3-FE24-489C-894D-6DAFFF31A41A.jpeg E58E856D-52E2-4AB8-8730-30016CAFB9B5.jpeg

    So let me know your thoughts? Enough shunting potential?
    Of course I could run through with a West Country with a few coaches on as this was the Plymouth line about to cross Meldon Viaduct but that’s probably over the top for this little layout.
    Until next time.

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  10. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Back to planning.
    I do like this view below the curve away on the platform is probably what makes it gives it that good look.
    Unfortunately I don’t think I can manage that.
    I also really like the platform shelter and if I look I expect someone does a kit.


    Ah but ah but, I also really like this view below, and given my era with a USA tank chuffing back and forth it would rather suit. 2 narrower platforms (presumably for quarry workers)
    Three tracks though and two of those being the main line so that won’t be modelled. More the recent track layout amended to suit the shed still in use. As if it never got reversed with the opening the opposite end. As my loose laid track in the earlier post.


    Below looking the other way back towards the shed again I do like that platform and the signal box beyond.
    Not sure I’ll model the signal box though just single ground levers as is now!


    More to ponder and experiment with.
  11. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    The LSWR G6 is a prominent loco on many images all copyrighted I could find. So I’m probably going to need one of those also!

    Link to photo example


    Nothing RTR out there though. Link below is Richard B’s alternative Gibson build nice work there and food for thought.

    Gibson G6 build

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  12. AdeMoore

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    I tried for help over on RMweb nothing doing so I should of posted here first!

    Help on the layout of points!

    my track laying experience is very limited, I’ve set out this.


    So looking closer below we have right to left a siding, a single track engine shed, a engine release line which is off the fiddle bringing wagons in to head shunt and back into siding, a line with platform. Then a quarry face with a 009 loop on top.


    Above looking at others I should have a left hand small rather than a right from the shed line to the siding to straighten it up?

    I also need another set of points where the coach and van are for loco run around or would you do that off scene on more of a traverser?

    Cheers all help greatfully received.

  13. jonte

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    Hi Ade

    Sorry that you seem to be a lone voice in the wilderness :(

    I’ve only had time to scan your thread - which seems a great idea - due to demands on my time at the moment, but if I’ve got the gist of what you’re doing, then yes, it would appear you require a left hand rather than a right hand point on the lead into the siding.

    With regard to fitting a set of engine release points, you could just about get away with it (scaling by coach against box), but you would probably only be able to run round a single coach (with possibly a 12T van or so attached? - difficult to tell).

    This is probably not much help, however, from experience of both sites, the layouts section here doesn’t receive as much passing traffic as RMweb, so might I suggest posting your query under Questions and Queries. Your bound to get a response from some kind soul who knows what they’re talking about;)

    Good luck!

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  14. JimG

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    You might want to try using track planning software to try out all the options you might have and that will let you establish which pointwork you require before laying out the cash. :) One of the picecs of software I have seen mentioned is AnyRail and it does have libraries of all the popular makes of pointwork so that you can design with what you can buy. It looks as though it downloads and installs as a limited, free to use version which might have enough facilities to cope with your layout.

    AnyRail™ - The easiest model railroad design software

    If you want the full version, then you have to buy a license.

    That would mean that you could shuffle all your bits around to your heart's content without costing you a penny. :)

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  15. Yorkshire Dave

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    A long Y point may be better as it will make the curve from the loop to the engine and siding less severe.
  16. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Dave much obliged I’ll print one off and have a look.
    I did have a further experiment Thursday.

    the left had into the shed looks loads better and a set of points shed end works with room for at least two coaches and a van to be run around.



    Still needs some sweeping curves but getting there.

    As always all comments gratefully received.
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  17. Focalplane

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    I second the use of AnyRail. You can print out your design on lots of A4 paper, then tape them together.

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  18. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Ok Dave had a go at that couldn’t seem to get it to work in the space.
    423816A0-D44C-4740-B2A7-73F290524817.jpeg A46733B6-7CEF-4A0B-A190-1AE574882DB6.jpeg 6F00D96A-820D-4B89-8EA0-5C724C853ED2.jpeg

    Below I could slide the large Y left a bit but not enough to make the siding meet the RH point.


    Below back to a small right and then a small left from the loop to the engine shed. Then the siding by the engine shed fits.

    82EB92D0-B80F-4C5A-91AE-2C7CE1AA9E6B.jpeg 751BB2F3-45F8-46C0-8785-2D423695B3B7.jpeg

    I did read you can’t put these small points together.
    “The small radius points are too short to be used to build a yard 'ladder' as the tracks will be too close together, but can be combined with a Y point to create a 'fan' yard. Plan to space track centrelines at 2in and double check that all tracks are at more than 1in centres before final fixing down “
    Think I’m in the clear.
    All comments good and bad gratefully received.
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  19. Yorkshire Dave

    Yorkshire Dave Western Thunderer

    Hi Ade

    Top marks for giving it a go and not spending the £££s to regretting it afterwards. :thumbs:

    I was thinking about trying the Y where ringed. If possible consider moving the track plan a few cm to the left (as viewed) to create more space at x-x which would allow a sweeping curve in the siding (Y) and maintain the open feel of the area - assuming you have the entire board to play with!


    And I wouldn't worry too much about moving paper templates and rolling stock around as it's worth taking the time to make it look and perform as originally imagined. :)
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  20. AdeMoore

    AdeMoore Western Thunderer

    Thanks for the reply Dave,
    Ah right see where you’re coming from now!
    Yes potentially there is room to use all of the board to the front.
    I’ll have another go v soon,