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    I’m taking a couple of weeks off from building and enjoying playing with the models I have built over the last couple of years :)
    My MMP suburban BS made its maiden voyage behind my JLTRT 22. I’m so pleased to have it in service, it runs beautifully and gives the loco a nice hefty weight to pull!
    1581B810-CD27-4441-AD3E-E99E0AAD1AD4.jpeg 6768D7FE-B035-4F85-A05B-200D4C3C6570.jpeg
  2. Mr Grumpy

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    A short parcel working awaits departure behind 7418.
    The auto trailer will get a tad grimy once I can bring myself to do it :)

    Meanwhile, the wagons at the abattoirs look even cleaner :)
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    As the year draws to an end, signs of the new order have arrived in the shape of a prestine 08....and a cuckoo in the nest

    Happy new year to all!
    5F9513A3-0F45-4B0D-AE54-26ED070D0A3A.jpeg 6EB277AC-6743-4C6F-A883-2E77A1C5B4C8.jpeg
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    I trust track rationalisation is not going to be order of the day...;)
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    Only on the embankment :)
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    6BF1B9E9-BE1C-45CD-BFCE-42C046202640.jpeg It’s been a while since I have Posted any updates, so Just to prove I haven’t sold absolutely everything, here’s a few photos from my much reduced layout. I bought several Lionheart 16t mineral wagons a few years back, and a few Dapol wagons and vans on a whim last year. While contemplating my move outdoors, I thought I would give them a quick, light weathering to blend in with my remaining stock.
    Three of my 16t wagons remain unopened, but the ones in use urgently needed to take on a nicely used persona. I didn’t fancy the Maskol or hairspray treatment and decided to keep the process simple.
    So, bauxite, mat black and varying amounts of orange were mixed and stippled on to the wagons and left to dry. Next, the brake van was stripped down and the ‘concrete’ weights were sprayed with grey primer then washed over with light grey enamel.
    Then all of the under frames were washed over with a very thinned mix Hymbrol leather and the axle boxes picked out in metalcote/light grey and polished when dry.
    The bodies got treated to a wash of frame dirt, and for the corrugated ends of the vans a mix of track colour, rust mixture and ‘dirty black’ Several applications were made, wiped off and so on. They won’t win any prizes but they fit in with the rest of the remaining stock now.
    I’m planning on cutting the first sod in the garden later in the year, so perhaps a few updates could appear as the layout progresses.
    4AED3E19-077D-4210-BBA6-DC8ADD88F702.jpeg 848BE996-9F9E-4D04-940E-E7C58E5F3085.jpeg 0BB4F510-131A-45A7-B2F5-45F38A192865.jpeg DFE5AC5E-7AFA-47CC-9997-A3FC80844BAB.jpeg F22993E6-C393-4098-AB44-A7E0FD51F15C.jpeg 2BF97BDC-281F-42DD-BD15-68265FD0D957.jpeg
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    Brilliant build of your 14xx. Just starting mine and some of the tips will be VERY useful.
    Best regards,
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    Hi Pete,
    I sold my 14xx last year and she now lives in France. The MOK 14xx was a lovely kit to build, just read and re-read the instructions, Dave can be a bit ambiguous and also leave some important info out. However, he is very helpful and always willing to help.
    PS.. just before I sold her, I installed an excellent Zimo decoder and speaker from Youchoos, in replacement for the ESU SWD decoder which decided to melt.