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Discussion in 'Resources' started by 28ten, 26 April 2010.

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    We can't all go there
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    I was being my usual cynical self.
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    Where is the WT meet then John?
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    Apologies CME as this is a late reply as I missed your message earlier but to say, thanks for your very kind comments. If its any consolation I share your feelings on the matter. Is anyone ever truly one hundred percent happy with their own modelling ? I bet even the greats are always looking for new techniques and ways to improve. It is this unhappiness that drives us and motivates us to be better, so I would say embrace it and accept it. The day when you finish something and can look and say there's absolutely nothing I would do different or better next time? I also agree in as much as at some point you need I draw the line at levels of detail and the amount of time spent on each model, especially for layout models and not show case ones. Only time will tell if I can achieve this,

    ATB Mick

    Ps I can't do smiley's on the I-phone or I would have stuck a few in
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    Actually you can do smilies on the iPhone as long as you know the short code. For example colon followed by o is :eek: , colon D is big grin :D , ROFL is colon )) :)) . I can post a full list when I get home. :thumbs:

    n.b. posted from my iPhone ;)
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    Including those wonderful animated ones that appear in Jordan's posts? :cool:
  8. You can always open a new browser window, go to free, and select and copy the forum code, before pasting it, thus:
    I selected this one in honour of Buckjumper...
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    Just read MRJ 220. One of the better editions of late IMHO. I, too, enjoyed Mick's wagon article and also Martin Goodall's item about back scenes. It made more sense too when I twigged that the two perspective captions were with the wrong drawings!
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  10. eastsidepilot

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    Agree with you Simon, a little bit like a "project manager" on a house build that know nothing about construction, interfere and then tell their friends that they built there own home.:rolleyes:
    I'm not saying that's the case with that article but I thought it was a waste of two pages in MRJ, and I'm not really interested in how much money he has to spend on housing his project.

    The rest of the this edition I thought was good, and excellent work from Mick, top draw mate:thumbs:.

  11. Osgood

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    The only complaint I have about MRJ is that it is often difficult to establish what scale is being modelled, which can be more than a little frustrating, even when you turn it into a challenge to guess what it is.

    I tend to skim read bits that initially grab my attention (one spin-off from this is I can enjoy reading the same magazine many, many times over :) - or is that my appalling memory.....), and I am certain that many times there is no mention of scale, especially in subsequent parts of multi-part articles.

    Having seen a couple of articles in the past by Peter Kazer on his Ratty modelling, I've just received his book Narrow Gauge Adventure (so no time for procrastination today then!) and am totally gobsmacked to discover he models to 1/48th 3ft - I was expecting 16mm or something, given the quality of his work and photography of same!! Great book by the way.

    Long may MRJ continue to inspire (and frustrate) (and demotivate) (and inspire again!).
  12. adrian

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    MRJ 220

    Well the synapses have finally connected and I've remembered why the Llanberis article was ringing a bell in the back of my head.

    For those interested there are a couple more shots in the GOG Gazette - May 2011 issue. There is a two page spread showing the "novel Mobile Storage Space for your layout" proposing the use of an insulated trailer as a railway room.
  13. That, surely, is a credit to the builders: too often one can make an accurate guess as to scale just by looking at the photos.
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  14. eastsidepilot

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    MRJ 224, just flicked through my copy, I'll read it properly later. Main feature Llanberis, hhmm,
    I do hope that it is going to get some weathering:rolleyes: especially the track ballast and shiny check rails all ways stand out like sore thumbs . I won't go into my aversion to shiny loco's and stock here as I probably do that too often:)).

    Liked the EM brake vans, some good model making and the Hobby Holidays wagon chassis kit looked superb ( I like components that work like the prototype)

    As for the Loco's from Lee Marsh's stable they are nice models but I still find it hard to see how everyone involved in the production can earn anything from it going by the prices in the ad on the back cover. I do hope the Korean girls get a half decent wage for their work, some how I doubt it.

  15. Simon

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    MRJ 226 has just arrived in "da shop".

    Two highlights for me are the editorial by Paul Karau and seeing Martin (Pugsley)'s superb 7mm scale model of 37 415 being featured on the cover and inside of what is a great issue.

    Well done Martin:thumbs:

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  16. PMP

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    Hopefully that'll nail the lie that MRJ doesn't do 'modern'. Well done Pugs and deserving of being featured too!
  17. Pugsley

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    Wow! I had no idea it was going to be on the cover. How cool is that!

    I'm looking forward to my copy landing on the doormat even more than usual this time :D
  18. Ressaldar

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    great news Pugs, I must get a copy next week when I venture into WHS in Chester.


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  19. Dan Randall

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    Very cool indeed and well deserved. Living in the sticks, I haven't received my copy yet, but hopefully, it'll be here soon!


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  20. Heather Kay

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    I don't live in the sticks, and it's not arrived here yet. ;)