7mm On Heather's Workbench - Prairie ago-go

Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Heather Kay, 8 January 2020.

  1. richard carr

    richard carr Western Thunderer

    Heather I disagree completely, it is exactly what you need especially for coaches. I bought a similar spray gun a good few years ago and I wouldn't be without it for spraying larger O gauge items like diesels and coaches.

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  2. Scale7JB

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    Yes the Iwata’s are not ideal for spraying complete models, though I believe Warren gets on well with a larger nozzle..

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  3. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    I disagree with your disagreement! :))

    I have considered a larger airbrush/spray gun. It has been discounted for the main reason it would be just too big for most of the jobs I need an airbrush for. I’ve been quite happy using general airbrushes to paint coaches since I got into this malarkey. What I need in an airbrush is a good all-rounder, suitable for model railways and model aircraft, and dealing with enamel and acrylic paints.

    Of course, if I found myself being asked to deal with Gauge 3 models…

    I wish I’d never given my old Badger 200 to a mate. That thing was virtually bullet proof!
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  4. lankytank

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    You'll need a bigger bench........ :)) :)) :thumbs: ;)
  5. michl080

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    The reservoir has 125ml volume. I don't think that I ever needed more than 20ml for any modelling job.

  6. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer


    New squirty thing. It’s been somewhere very cold during transit, so I’m letting it slowly warm up to somewhere near room temperature. I chose the model with the larger cup.

    The currently broken thing will be carefully packed up and sent for repair/refurbishment when I think I can spare the money.

    I liked the fact the box - yes, of course I’ve checked inside the box! - had a slip of paper that seems to have been used to test the airbrush itself. A neat squiggle of dark grey paint to prove it had been tested at the factory. I hope they cleaned it out properly afterwards!
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  7. michl080

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    This is a wonderful tool. I am sure you will love it as much as I love my HP-C without '+' .

  8. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Right, I’m in need of some inspiration.

    This loco, now it’s nearly complete, needs to be lightly weathered. Tidy, cared for, but a little grubby in the corners, some light track dirt up the sides, perhaps a light dusting of soot and grime along the tops of the boiler, tanks, cab roof... Only I can’t think how to approach it. Any ideas?
  9. Longbow

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    Take a look at Colin Dowling's step-by-step weathering notes starting about half way down this thread:

    J68 for Monks Eleigh
  10. richard carr

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    Hi Heather

    approach it gently, don't put too much paint on and remember most of that will then have to come off again.

    I was going to say here is one I did earlier, but I didn't, Martyn Welch did this for me, it was originally black, maybe it is what you are thinking of.




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  11. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    Thanks gents! :thumbs:

    I think I know how to do what I want - I’ve done it before. It’s just I feel a bit lacking in confidence at the moment.
  12. LarryG

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    I have a jar of much diluted cellulose 'wash' the colour of dog poo between rusty rails and sleeper grome. It is sprayed on locos and wagon/coach underframes. Being transparent, it is built up to taste. Additional 'weathering' is done with Humbrol Weathering Powders (Dark Earth 16421 for example) brushed on and off to suit. Keep it simple is my moto, as with everything in business.

    By steam-era standards, the locos are clean...
    WEB Weathered 2.jpg WEB Weathered 3.jpg WEB Weathered 4.jpg

    4mm model (with needlessly clunky wheels)...
    WEB Weathering 2.jpg WEB Weathering 3.jpg
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  13. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer


    Blummen' heck! February since I last looked at this? Well, time to get weathering I suppose.

    One of those massive doses of imposter syndrome doesn’t help. Now, where's Colin's thread? Ah, there it is. Be right back.
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  14. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

    I think I shall stop here.



    It’s grubby in all the right places, but looks like it’s had a good going over by the cleaning staff. They’ve succeeded in cleaning most off, and pushing the rest around into the corners.

    I plan to leave it to dry, then review again in better light. I really don’t think I want to do any more, to be honest. At least it’s no longer factory fresh.
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  15. Pencarrow

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    I particularly like how you've weathered the turntable Heather.
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  16. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

  17. Phil O

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    I think that it looks to be in a suitable work a day condition.
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  18. Heather Kay

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    It all went very quiet. I’m afraid I fell out of love with the workbench, but that had the side benefit of allowing the weathering to dry properly.



    Anyway, my mood improved sufficiently that I was happy to fit the crew, find some tools and a bucket, coal the bunker and attach the headlamp.

    There is still the matter of some electronics to sort out, but at least the model is cosmetically complete now. Expect some gallery images over the weekend.
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  19. Heather Kay

    Heather Kay Western Thunderer

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