Prototype PhilH's BR Photographs from circa1959

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    1 9A33BB © PGH.jpg

    Hereford Station August 1962 - 7031 on a London train and station pilot 5970
    From Hereford I travelled down the Ross-on-Wye and Gloucester line as far as Fawley. I'm not sure why I didn't travel to Ross-on-Wye, maybe the timetable didn't allow for a convenient return to Hereford. The line from Hereford to Ross-on-Wye passed through 3 tunnels and had several bridges over the meandering River Wye. Fawley was the last station before Ross-on-Wye, although there was a halt in between.

    2 9A25BB © PGH.jpg

    At Fawley the fireman of 2269 on the Gloucester train looks for the 'right away'.

    3 9A28BB © PGH.jpg

    View of the station looking towards Hereford. The small goods yard was remote from the station and situated on the other side of the road overbridge.

    4 9A27BB © PGH.jpg

    The small and rather neat station building​

    5 9A26BB © PGH.jpg

    Fawley Signal Box was situated part way along the platform​

    6 9A29BB © PGH.jpg

    6330 passing on a southbound freight. On the extreme left the signalman is returning to his box after exchanging the staff or token. What strikes me about many of the station views at that period is how neat and tidy they were - luggage barrow and trolley neatly parked, no piles of luggage, crates or boxes, no milk churns, no weeds or litter.​

    7. fawley Station site from Google.jpg

    View of the station site today from Google street view looking south towards Ross-on-Wye from the overbridge.​

    8 9A30BB © PGH.jpg

    4135 arriving at Fawley on the Hereford train

    9 9A31BB © PGH.jpg

    4135 after arrival at Hereford​

    10 9A32BB © PGH.jpg

    and after running round and apparently changing platforms for the return to Gloucester.

    The Line between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye was closed in November 1964

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    I like your photographs very much. The quality of your is remarkable, have you printed the images yourself or sent them out.

    I started my photographic life as a B&W printer so I know a good print when I see one.

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    Thanks for your comments.
    The images were all digitally scanned from the black & white negatives or colour slides and then edited in Adobe Photoshop.
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    Its some time since the last postings in this topic and in the meantime I've had the long awaited cataract operations in both eyes that have been delayed due to the virus problem, so now I should be able to see better exactly what I'm posting. As a result I wasn't particularly happy with some of the photos previously posted, some tended to be perhaps a bit too dark and with too much contrast, as a fellow member kindly pointed out (Thanks L.... ! ;) ). So I've re-edited many of the photos, not that anyone is going to look at them again but just for my own personal satisfaction. I've also removed a small number which I thought might be of interest at the time but were in retrospect quite plainly cr*p.

    The next few postings cover the Central Wales and Mid Wales Lines. As related in an earlier post we travelled down the Central Wales Line in August 1962, but unfortunately I took very few photos on that trip, a rather mixed bag as included in this post. In October 1962 we travelled down the Central Wales Line as far as Builth Road High Level, spent some time there and wandered all over the place taking quite a number of photos, quite unimaginable in these days of Health and Safety, etc; then travelled up the Mid Wales Line to Moat Lane Junction. The last trip was on the final day of service to Brecon on 29th December 1962.


    A quick view taken during the stop at Builth Road High Level Station. The footpath ahead leads down to Builth Road Low Level Station on the Mid Wales Line with the tower of the luggage lift on the left. Beyond the lift the timber section before the path drops down marks the location of the overbridge. In the far distance beyond the footway can be seen the small single road loco shed with steam visible from a 2-6-0 standing outside.


    Crossing 48706 on a northbound goods train at Garth​


    Llandovery Station with a variety of wagons in the yard - 3 steel 16T minerals, a van, a cattle wagon and a tank wagon


    Taking water at Llandilo, junction for the line to Carmarthen, with the connecting Carmarthen train on the left. The station has since been given its more appropriate name of Llandeilo after the town it serves. Unfortunately I didn't record the identities of the locos.


    5699 at Abercynon. The disc above the front buffer with the lettering "C 02" might give a clue as to what it was doing there ?

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    The 'C 02' disc may well be a duty number for the Abercynon colliery trains.
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    The following photos were taken on the October 1962 trip, a rather dull overcast day.


    A rather leaky 73034 on the Shrewsbury to Swansea train at Craven Arms and Stokesay (now just Craven Arms), where the Central Wales Line (now Heart of Wales Line) leaves the Shrewsbury to Hereford Line (now Welsh Marches Line)


    Knighton Station building with the fireman taking refreshment from tap outside the gents toilet


    The opposite platform at Knighton


    Approaching Knucklas Viaduct


    Llangunllo Station.
    The small square building with the hipped roof on the left would appear to have housed the ground frame, judging by the point rodding.


    Llanbister Road - the signal cabin at the Shrewsbury end of the station


    73034 at Llandrindod Wells


    73034 at Builth Road High Level Station


    Just for good measure the opposite side, the bridge over the Mid Wales Line is in the foreground



    73034 leaving Builth Road High Level

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    would you (anyone?) know what the wooden structure in the 6' is between the loco and the bridge girder in the 9th photo?

    not noticed such a thing before.

    very much enjoying your photos

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    No idea, but whatever it covers (electric cables ?) continues alongside the bridge girder in the foreground but not beyond it, so if its cables they may drop down the bridge abutment (i.e. on the Swansea end of the bridge) to the Mid Wales Line platform below. There is a narrow road underbridge on the high level station side of the Mid Wales Line underbridge with a wide brick pillar and the luggage lift between the two, the "hump" would be partly over that. I've had a look under that bridge from the road (Google street view) but there's no clues there and I think the bridge may have been replaced anyway as its now narrower than the original bridge and takes only a single track.
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    The goods shed and signal box at the Shrewsbury end of Builth Road High Level Station.
    The good shed still remains - or it did when Google surveyed the area


    Builth Road High Level Station, view towards Swansea.
    The large station building is now private residential accommodation with just a bus type shelter for passengers on the one remaining platform.​


    48730 on a southbound goods train at Builth Road High Level


    46511 at Builth Road Loco Shed​


    48470 in the sidings connecting the Central Wales Line to the Mid Wales Line. Judging by the stock in the sidings here it seems there was some transfer of freight traffic from the Mid Wales Line to Swansea via the Central Wales Line.​


    Builth Road Low Level Signal Box​


    Signals at the junction of the connecting line to the Mid Wales Line​


    Builth Road Low Level Station, looking north towards Moat Lane Junction.
    The station building is now a pub, appropriately named the Cambrian Arms, with a car park occupying the filled in platform area.​


    Train from Brecon approaching Builth Road Low Level


    46514 on the northbound train at Builth Road Low Level Station

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    Rhayader Signal Box


    View from the northbound train approaching Marteg Tunnel


    46514 crossing 46520 on a southbound train at Pantydwr


    46520 leaving Pantydwr on the Brecon train


    Llanidloes Station


    Moat Lane Junction - the main Cambrian Line platforms. The Mid Wales Line platform was on the far side of the station building.
    46523 at left and 78002 on an Aberystwyth train at right.

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    The last trip on The Central Wales and Mid Wales Lines was on Saturday 29th December 1962, which I believe was the last day of scheduled passenger services for the three remaining lines to Brecon (officially closed on 31st December). We travelled overnight via Crewe and Shrewsbury, down the Central Wales Line, arriving at Builth Road in the early hours. For some reason we stopped off at Builth Wells, maybe for breakfast; then down the Mid Wales Line to Brecon; down the Newport Line as far as Pentir Rhiw; then returned north up the full length of the Mid Wales Line to Moat Lane Junction.


    Builth Wells Station with a Brecon train approaching.​


    Three Cocks Junction with the Mid Wales Line to Moat Lane Junction on the left, the line to Hereford on the right.


    46508 approaching Three Cocks Junction on a Hereford to Brecon train​


    Brecon Station with 46508 on the left next to the signal box​


    Brecon Station with 4679 on a Newport train​


    4679 at Talyllyn Junction Station​




    2251 Class 0-6-0 arriving at Talyllyn Junction with one wagon and a brakevan​


    Pentir Rhiw, which was as far as we could go down the Newport line. An additional pannier tank had been added to assist 4679 with the southbound train up the bank to Torpantau as it waits in the loop to cross a northbound Brecon train. Tal-y-Bont Reservoir is on the left in the valley below.
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    Lovely shots. It looks bloomin' cold, so you must have been keen Phil. By coincidence, I am currently watching an Online video called Bewdley to Blaenau at breakfast time about these routes. The houses that Pentir Rhiw station was built to serve are under the reservior.
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    The next posts cover a rather varied selection of photos in the Oswestry Area.


    45699 GALATEA approaches Gobowen station on a Shrewsbury to Chester train in October 1962 shortly before transfer of the line to the London Midland Region in 1963.


    At the north end of Oswestry Station c1959 the auto train which worked the shuttle service to connect with the Shrewsbury to Chester line at Gobowen stands in the bay platform on the left with 7810 on a Whitchurch train on the right.


    With my camera's fixed shutter speed of 1/60th sec photos of moving trains were usually fairly unsuccessful, but for what its worth this is 1458 on the Oswestry to Gobowen auto train shortly after leaving Oswestry in October 1962


    Likewise 7329 leaving Oswestry on a Whitchurch train - at least you can read the smokebox numberplate although everything else is a blur !


    7812 on a Whitchurch train at Oswestry in October 1962


    1432 at the rear of Oswestry Shed

  14. PhilH

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    The following Locos were in store at the rear of Oswestry Shed in October 1962:


    7428 - the "GWR" lettering was in yellow chalk !
    According to UKRail it was withdrawn from Oswestry at the end of that month and disposed of to Cashmores, Great Bridge in June 1964.


    5421 had been withdrawn at the end of the previous month (30/9/1962) and was disposed of to Cashmores in September 1964.


    2251 - later transferred to Templecombe where it was withdrawn in December 1963


    3200 - likewise transferred to Templecombe but not withdrawn until January 1965

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    In October 1962 I made a trip to Llanfyllin, 46502 awaits departure on the two coach train at Oswestry.


    46502 at Llanfyllin


    On the return journey I stopped off at Pant, a charming little station I thought, as 46502 departs for Oswestry. The darker patch in the platform marks the location of a tunnel under the station, which was once occupied by a narrow gauge tramway from quarries on the left to the canal just below the station on the right.





    If you visit this spot today its hard to imagine that there was once a railway line and a station here, apart from the "Station Road" name of the nearby road.

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    A southbound goods train at Llanymynech c1959. A rather poor photo but interesting as it shows the wagon works behind the station. I'm not sure whether the works did wagon repairs or just breaking up wagons for scrap. In the foreground condemned wagons for scrapping are stored in the former Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway platform lines. In the left distance is the limeworks chimney, now restored and preserved along with the limeworks site and remains of the tramway system - well worth a visit for anyone interested in industrial archaeology.
    The following four photos taken in October 1962 show condemned wagons stored in the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway sidings:


    Ex GWR 20T Permanent Way Construction hopper wagon No.60043 lettered "Return to Llynclys Junction"


    Ex LMS 12T van No.M160732 built Wolverton 1924


    Ex GWR 12T vans Nos.W104791 and W105481


    Ex GWR 8T cattle wagon No.W106580 and 10T 8 plank open No.S11073


    The body of auto coach No.210 at the back of the station yard


    7801 at Llanymynech on a 2 coach northbound train October 1962. The Shropshire & Montogomeryshire Railway station building is on the extreme left.

  17. PhilH

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    Blodwell Junction Station on the Tanat Valley Railway in 1960, maybe one of the smallest stations on BR including the title of "Junction" ?


    Ex Cambrian signal at Blodwell Junction

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    I think that this hopper wagon is for 12T and to diagram P7.
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    Hi Philip, despite not really being into things ex GWR, I've really enjoyed looking at the photos. Thanks for posting this lost history.

    This one could be a Christmas card:


    And talk about chocolate box, what a fantastic spot for a deck chair.

    2 Much Wenlock 0733BB.jpg
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    As with all, some lovely shots here.The appearance of the condemned SR 8 plank with cupboard doors is a very welcome coincidence; I have one to paint for Watkin’s Wharf, and this will do nicely as a template.


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