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Discussion in 'WR Action' started by Simon, 6 February 2014.

  1. westernfan

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    I like the idea of the cut down tender version for your west country spam can, IMO they look the part running tender first with a few mk1s in tow ,as they often did in practice From Ilfracombe to Barnstaple .
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  2. Simon

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    I'm still pondering, but some specs have been worked out, I've gone for 1/4 " diameter axles for the driving wheels running in Mark Wood's brass horn blocks, which are like the Aster ones but too small width-wise and too deep depth-wise for the existing hornguides, and I need to make a middle hornguide from fresh anyway as the Aster arrangement is a fixed axle.

    Here's the Mark Wood hornblock resting in the Aster hornguide.


    The actual wheels are now all turned up and are awaiting confirmation of crankpin lengths before being finished. Andrew is sending me the side rods so that these dimensions can be accurately assessed, I may well send them and the connecting rod to Mark for him to work it out and avoid relying on my measuring for this key area:oops:

    In the meantime I'm contemplating the above, I wonder if those hornguide strengthening and fixing pieces are easily removeable - I'm guessing not:confused:

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  3. Steve Cook

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    Just a quick observation whilst I'm supposed to be working - did you get any Aster horn blocks? If so, can you sleeve them down to your required diameter and save reworking all the guides? If not, can Mr P sort you a set out?
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  4. Simon

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    I've just been sent this picture by Mark Wood, the driving wheels attached to the Aster motion:)


    I will hopefully be picking them up at the G1 Shepshed meeting on June the 14th.

    I have also now got a frame plan (from a Loco Profiles on the Merchant Navy) so can start thinking about hornblocks, they are (unusually?) set in the centre of the frame rather than set behind so as Dave Finney said the gaps between wheel backs and frame must be bigger than "normal".

  5. AJC

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    Proper countersunk crankpin fittings at the front I notice. Very nice indeed. :)

  6. Peter

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    Not to diminish Simon’s endeavour but mention of the Russell Carter drawings in Bernard Wright’s article on SR West Country Class locomotives, reminded me of Clarry Edwards’ article in British Railway Modelling June 1996. In this article he describes his construction of a 1:45 scale model from the same drawings which he had redrawn. Spirit fired it had three cylinders and working Bulleid (chain driven) valve gear.
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    This was a feature that was incorporated in several of the BR standard designs.

    Nice wheels. :)

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    Yup, Standard Pacifics and Bullied Pacifics all have the horn guides dead centre to the frame, not inside as is usual and thus have a larger clearance between wheel and frames. The standard 5s do not and often the rear box wears so much that the rear wheel comes into contact with the frames and starts rubbing, never seen it happen with Black 5s or other 4-6-0 but Std 5 seems very prone to frame wear from wheel rubbing.

    Theres some Battle of Britain frame photos in my drop box thread which show these quite nicely but I can post individual specific photos when I get home to save you downloading them all if you require:thumbs:
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